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TP#8 Reading
Intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will read an article about overloading internet and it's problems. Ss will focus on practicing receptive skills then they will have a discussion in the post-reading stage.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice, and speaking for fluency in the context of information overload.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of getting too much information from internet


Lead-in • To activate Ss's existing knowledge of the topic. To generate interest in the theme of the lesson.

T will give Ss some letters and Ss will put them in order to create a meaningful sentence. While doing that, T will get them listen a track which includes some social network sounds such as twitter, whatspp, android, mail and skype. After finding out the sentence ''information overload'', ss will list 8 words about the topic which will evoke them about what there will be in the next stages.

Pre-teach vocabulary • To pre-teach key klexis needed to help ss complete the next text.

1) Ss will match the new lexis with the definitions in pair or groups. It will depend on the number of students. 2) Ss will check their answers in pair. 3) T will show the answer key on the board. 4) T follow the pattern MFP

Reading for gist • To encourage Ss to read for gist. (Skimming)

Ss will skim the text in 3 minutes. Ss will asnwer the question: ''What do you think it means?''

Reading for specific info • To practice reading for specific info (scanning)

Ss read the text again. Answer the questions. They show where they find the info. 1-b, 2-c, 3-b

Reading for detail • To practice reading for detailed comprehension

Ss read the text again and work out the meaning of highlighted words (hits, bloggers, survey, multitasking, switch off, electronic devices) related to the internet and technology in pairs. Then Ss will discuss about it in pairs. To feed them, T shows some pictures about the highlighted words.

Post-reading/Speaking task • To develop oral fluency on the topic

T shows a video about brain overload which shows how chaotic it is to have info about everything. Do you suffer from information overload in you life? (your work-your studies-your social life-your family life) Then, T hands the survey questions, ss find 5 people to talk to. At the end of the class ss will have a report to discuss the result about how they are exposed to the internet.

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