Aya Aya

I can't dance
Elementary level


In this lesson,students learn about can/can't (ability) in the context of pop star .and to express about their ability,skills using can\can't. Ss learn the correct pronunciation of can and can't and the weak and strong form .In addition to the stress of can in the sentences or questions and ask using can.


Abc HO(New English file) p.40 (b 4.1)
Abc paper of written word "dance "
Abc Funny Movieclips (Youtube)
Abc pictures of singers (google images search)
Abc Handwritten Cards with numbers on the back.
Abc HO(New English file) p.40-d
Abc WB
Abc audio file a)4.3
Abc flash cards (google)
Abc Flash cards( clothing items)
Abc audio file b)4.1&c)4.2 (New English file)

Main Aims

  • To practice the grammar of (can/can't) for ability in the context of pop stars.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in listening for specific information in the same context.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of pop stars.

- Greet Ss with a smile face. Ask about their feeling.(Hi,How are you today? ( eye contact to all Ss) - Tell Ss you have 3 questions on the board -choose three questions to talk about with your partner. -The questions are :- -Do you like music ? How often do you listen to music ? (always\usually\often\sometimes\hardly ever ) >>"Ss learnt about adverbs of frequency last TP" -What's your favourite singer and song ? - What's your favourite musical instruments ? put pictures with their names. For example, pop drum,piano,guitar ,and harp. - Tell Ss for example, (make a demonstration ) - yes, I do. The surprise here,I hardly ever listen to music. - my favourite singer is Ahmed El.megheny and my favourite song is an arabic song called " Engaz " in English means " achievement". - I like piano. Now I want you to talk with your partner about the 3 questions on the board . so what will you do now ? Ss say talk with ..,etc., say Good and divide Ss to work in pairs say you together and so on (using body language\hand gesture) -finally thank Ss for their efforts

Exposure (7-8 minutes) • To expose Ss to the target language in a context.

-Tell Ss now I want you to work in group,guess or "try to know from this paper what's the topic about ? you have 2 minutes to think so what should you do now ?g ??Ss say guess what's the topic about. (during Ss work in activity write 3 names of competitors on the board and separate each name with vertical lines ) - after 2 mins elicit from Ss what they guess -Clarify the topic ok this an advertisement of programme on TV channel we can guess from the words like call \e-mail and some words. It's like voice programme "show them a picture of voice programme advertisement. so indicate to the advertisement that is in the context and say so that's ? Ss say advertisement and the 3 persons here are ? wait may be some strong S know the word .if Ss don't know then say competitors and show them 2 pictures in different context to ensure they will be able know after lesson that people who participate in a different competition called " competitors ". -Ask Ss who do you think is the winner ? -write your name under the name of competitor that you think he's the winner ? -Ask strong students "who do you think is the winner ?" student say " name" then use body language and ask him to write his name under the person that he said to help weak ss indirectly to know what they will do now. -tell Ss now every one take a marker and what will you do now ? " use hand gesture " Ss say write or ... ? after that tell Ss " we're going to hear the 3 competitors play the guitar,dance,and sing to know who's the winner ?" but before listening I want you to read carefully these sentences after reading ask Ss so sentences from 1 to 3 is about play the guitar and from 4 to 5 us about? Ss say dance and from 6 to 8 is about ? Ss say sing questions to help you when you listen okay ? underline the words that are similar or make circle for example the question is listen to 3 people sing,play the guitar and dance so ask Ss what are 3 people doing ? ( use 3 fingers of my hand and Ss say sing\play the guitar, and dance ) -show them pictures of these 3 words to make sure they know and become words clear for Ss who don't know. Tell Ss okay I want you to listen carefully and complete sentences with jude,Gareth,and Kelly so how many things should you do now ? n1 ? Ss say listen carefully n2 ?Ss write the name //etc -play the audio. -Ask Ss to check their answers with partners. - Ask Ss so n2 is ? 3? 4? and so on. -Ask Ss Do you change your opinion about who is the winner ? if you change go to the board write your name under the name of competitor that you think he or she is the winner after that tell your partner why do you think he or she is the winner ? For example, I think jude because he can sing and dance. So, let's start - now listen again and know are you guessing right or not ? so the winner is ? Ss say Jude.

Highlighting (2-3 minutes) • To highlight the target language in context.

-Tell Ss to " look at these sentences quickly again and underline the word that's repeated in all sentences " (chesting the Ho & hand gestures\ready-made underlined word to clarify what's the meaning of underline? for Ss ) then(continue instruction) check your answer with your partner ( using gestures with my hands ). So How many things do want you to do now ? (using 3 of my fingers ) and say number 1 >Ss say look at... ,etc., numbe2 >> Ss say "underline ,etc.," and number 3 >>> Ss say : " check your answer,etc.," -Hang the chart of instruction on the wall in a suitable place so Ss can use it to remember if they forget the instruction of that task ) by monitoring I know the Ss finish and ask them " so, the word is ? " >Ss answer can\can't.

Language Clarification(meaning) (4-4 minutes) • To provide clarification of the meaning of TL.

-Ask Ss to read the sentence n7 "chest Ho,point at n7 and go to the board and write what the Ss read Jude can sing very well. - say" and n 8?" and write what the Ss read Kelly can't sing. -Elicit the meaning from Ss by using CCQs sentence n.7 Jude can sing very well. -Does Jude have a beautiful voice or bad ? (clarify the difference between sound and voice if S misunderstand the voice and T use the body language & hand gestures to clarify and knock on the desk and say that's sound ). Ss say beautiful voice. -Does he win ? Ss say yes. is it positive or negative ? (using body language because some students may not know what means that ) Ss say positive so I write "+" after the sentence. n8:-Kelly can't sing . Ask Ss so Does Kelly have a bad voice? Ss say yes. Does she win ? Ss say No. So is it positive sentence or negative ? Ss say negative . write "-" after sentence. Tell Ss another example and write on the WB :- He can remember numbers . Ask Ss Does he have a strong memory or bad ? Ss say good memory. another sentence with can't write on the board :- she can't speak chinese. Ask Ss :- Does she learn Chinese? Ss say No Does she understand chinese? Ss say No So we use can to say you have talent or skill like remember names,stand on one foot . Is it yes or no? Ss say " yes". but we use "can't' to say something you don't do like we can't fly is it yes or no ? Ss say " yes".

Language clarification(form) (6-7 minutes) • to provide clarification of the form of TL

-Clear the board except the 2 sentences :- He can remember numbers . she can't speak chinese. 1- make a vertical line between the subject and can\can't. 2-Ask Ss he and she Are they verb ? Ss say no Are they subjects ? Ss say yes 3- write S inside a circle above he or she . For can\can't 1-Make a vertical line between can\can't and the verb 2-Ask So what about can and can't are they verbs ?Ss say Yes 3- when it comes ? after ? students say subject or may be some students say he or she and in this case so can comes after subject in a sentence .( using hand gesture ) 4- omit he and she in the sentences and write they and the second one " I" ask Ss Dose the verb "can" change when we replace subjects ? Ss say No So we call them modal verb because it doesn't change . and write modal verb on the top of can\can't and ask Ss what comes after can or can't? is it verb or object? S says verb Ask Ss is it in present or past form ? Ss present Do we add s at the end of the verb ? Ss say no Do we add to before the verb ? Ss say no Does the verb have ing ? Ss say no So is it a base verb without s or any thing yes or no ? Ss say yes Tell Ss so we call this infinitive verb and write v inf on the top of verbs - Ask Ss and chinese and numbers Are they verb or object ? Ss say object it comes after ?( using body language pointing to infinitive verb) Ss say infinitive verb. So can becomes after ? Ss say subject and ask and before ? Ss say infinitive verb . yes,good so what about Can if I say Can you play the guitar ? Ask Ss is it sentence ? Ss say No (may be some Ss say question but if they don't say Ask Ss Is it question? Ss say yes) -Write can you play the guitar? So the first one ? "point to can" and Ss say Can make vertical line between can and he -Write can Q on the top of can -Ask Ss what comes after can ? Ss say the subject and after subject ? Ss say infinitive verb So the subject here comes after ?Ss say can -and before?Ss infinitive verb . - So who can give me another example? Some students participate and correct their mistakes if they happen. Elicit from Ss how to answer on the question of can by asking strong Ss the same question on the board and it's probably know from their background of education if S doesn't know ask whole class in general and take the correct answers and write on the board . And Clarify for week Ss write No,I can't So you becomes ? Ss say I and can in negative form become Ss say can't . Ask another question that may Ss reply with yes,I can. Can you walk? Ss say yes,I can. Thank Ss and move to another stage.

Language Clarification (pronunciation) (6-9 minutes) • to provide clarification of the pronunciation of TL

-Clear the board then write can and can't Ask Ss read the the words, please - Okay let's learn how to pronounce it in a beautiful correct way. -say can and write /kæn/ clarify it by (mouth shape draw the shape of mouth on the board say can cat and the sound of "a" here Ask Ss to listen to me make Ss drilling say all of you and use hand gesture - For can't :- -Tell Ss now just listen to me and draw the shape of mouth and write transcription \ ka:nt \ or /kænt/ now listen again and repeat after me " can't " Ss say and drill the sound \a:\ here we omit the t sound and make x on t but we pronounce it in the end of the sentence. -Tell Ss the surprise here is can has 2 pronunciation make 2 arrows weak form we call it unstressed form /kən/ and strong form /kæn/ we call it stressed form . clarify that stressed means when you pronounce word we make it strong and clear -Ask Ss but unstressed means ? the word becomes shorter we pronounce can in strong form when we ask for example can you understand? or when we say yes,I can. It becomes weak when it comes in a sentence like I can do it. the stress here is on the verb do not can. -drill on weak & strong form through sentences. can't is always strong form so is it stressed or unstressed ?ask Ss Ss answers unstressed now, listen and repeat .copy the rhythm and tell me where is the stress ?. just look at me first,For example, -play the audio listen the first sentence " can you sing ? "use my hand to clarify where the stress is and stop the audio - repeat the sentence and Ask Ss so, the stress is on ?(using 2 fingers to point that 2 stress words ) n1 ?Ss say can and n2 ? Ss dance now how many thing do I want you to do ? n.1? Ss listen and repeat n2 ? Ss say follow the rhythm finally tell me where is the stress ? and play the audio ask Ss so the pronunciation of can does it change in the sentence ? \ai k'n \ play the guitar and can't does it change in pronunciation ? iiSs say no if they answered wrong I give example and pronounce can't alone and No,I can't ? reask Ss the same question does it change in pronunciation ?and Ss answer no and clarify that negative form can't or any negative forms always pronounce strong

Controlled Practice (4-6 minutes) • To check the students' understanding of the TL and prepare them for the freer practice.

-Tell Ss now we have a practice .Are you ready ? Ss say yea Tell Ss okay I want to complete the sentences with can or can't (chest Ho ) and remember ask Ss " + " stands for ? (Tell them means ?if they don't elicit what's meaning of stands for) ? >They answer " positive " or may be say "can" praise their effort and write it on the board (+ =positive(can) and - ask Ss >They say negative or say can't and write on the board (- >can't \negative ) (teacher needs to clarify the symbols of + and - mean to facilitate the next task "insha'Allah" ) Ask Ss> and what about "? "Ss say "question" Ask Ss >So you want to complete the task with ? Ss say can\can't for example the first one ( T writes on the board the first sentence to demonstrate with Ss :- + I ------ dance. Ask Ss can or can't ? Ss say "can " praise their effort and say now work together. (using my hands to indicate wok in pairs "2". (It takes 1 min maximum 2mins)by monitoring T knows Ss finish the task. -Feed back ask Ss so what about n.2? S say -correct their mistakes in pronunciation of they happen.

Freer Practice (8-10 minutes) • to provide an opportunity for Ss to practice the TL freely.

Tell Ss " Now we have a game of can and can't. " (using my hand gestures & pointing to the numbered cards on the wall) continue talking "and that's a box of the orders .The paper here contains :- " asking your partners using " Can + subject + inf verb .. ? \ use can\can't in one or two sentences\ and Ask your partners using What can +subject+ verb inf? So how to play it ? 1- Sit in a circle. play in one group. 2- choose a piece of paper and read it. 3- choose any numbered card on the wall,raise your number card to play the video if it isn't picture and answer then pass the box to your partner and so on. For example, make a demonstration asking them to sit in a circle shape then pick a piece of paper read it loudly,choose number 2 ,pick the card on the wall show them and read it, play the video and answer. Ask Ss so, how many things ? Ss answered 3 say n1?Ss say choose... n2? Ss say choose number from the cards on the wall answer it and finally pass it to the next partner . ( may be help Ss to remember instruction and surely hang the instruction in appropriate place . -monitor Ss and help them if they needed .

Feedback • To praise good use of TL and to correct errors in TL.

Ask Ss is it " I can run. \ai kæn rʌn \ or I can run. \aikən rʌn \ ? Ss answer and correct their mistake if it happens ok listen to this sentence I can't run. \ai kæn rʌn\ is it can or can't ? Ss answer and correct their mistake if it happens

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