Isik University Demo Lesson - Simple Past, Past Continuous, & Past Perfect
A2 and B1 level


This lesson is considered as a whole review of Past Tenses (Simple Past, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect), therefore, the lesson starts with a semi-controlled practice after a short video and some feedbacks. This practice helps students to review the functions of the tenses, while they should match some examples related to them in pairs. After they match the functions of the tenses, they match some examples too. As feedback, the teacher chooses some students to answer, while s/he explains difficulties. Then, the teacher shows the timeline on the board and review the Simple Past, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect tenses with the students. After that, the students are divided into two groups, and one short text is given to each group. They should fill 12 gaps with the correct form of the verbs individually. Then, the related answer key is given to each group. Furthermore, the students have some time to correct their answers, reread the text, and try to be prepaid to retell the story. Finally, the students are paired up, one student from Group A and one from Group B, and then Group A should retell the story to Group B and vice-versa. At these moments, the Teacher monitors the Students and writs some correct and incorrect sentences on board. After all, the Teacher asks Students to come and correct one sentence (if it is needed).


Abc Table Matching Hand Out
Abc Short Reading
Abc Past Timeline
Abc Past Timeline

Main Aims

  • To provide review of The Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect in the context of Sport

Subsidiary Aims

  • Anticipations
  • • Students may not be able to remember some or all parts of the past tense functions. • The necessary explanations will be presented in the first stage by the teacher. • Students may not be able to be attracted • Different activities such as video, pair and group activity help them to be more interested to the lesson. • There may be problem with over head projector or any related equipment • The lead-in stage may be presented as some explanation related to the context by the teacher


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The class starts with a short video related to the Olympic marathon in 2016. The teacher asks some questions after the video and gives some whole class feedbacks.

Matching Practice (15-20 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

A semi-controlled practice is given to each pair to match the functions of the Simple Past, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect tenses. There are some examples to match as well as the functions to review the tenses. Some explanations may be added in order to some difficulties. After that, the teacher shows the timeline on the board which is divided into three past tenses and explains different forms for each tense, such as question and negative form.

Short Reading Completion (17-20 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test

The students are given a short text after they are divided into two groups. The students should fill 12 gaps in each text individually. Then, the teacher gives them the answer key and asks them to check their answers. Then, the students should reread the text to be ready to retell it. Then, the teacher regroups the students and asks each student from group A to retell the story to each student from group B. At the same time, the teacher monitors the students and writs some correct and incorrect sentences on board.

Correction (8-12 minutes) • To check the students understanding of the grammar

The teacher asks the whole class or some volunteers to correct each sentence in the board, or confirm that the sentence is correct with an explanation.

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