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Gr6 Sem1 Wk8
Grade 6 level


Students review a lot of vocab and then tell a story.


Main Aims

  • Practice vocab and use of the past tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • creative storytelling!


context (2-6 minutes) • review the past tense in a song

Talk a little about what you did yesterday (short story). Play part of the song, maybe the first part. The song's long and kind of strange, sorry.

Vocabulary 1 (5-8 minutes) • review travel vocab

Go through the vocab quickly (the first one is "tourist"). Elicit, concept check, drill maybe once or twice if they're having a hard time saying it.

Controlled Activity 1 (6-8 minutes) • allow kids to use the vocab in fixed past-tense dialogues

Using the next slide, kids talk about (made up) trips they've been on. Model with 1 or 2 strong students, then let the kids have at it.

Vocabulary 2 (5-8 minutes) • review more vocab, about accidents

Same as before, go through the voab quickly, concept check if needed, and drill if they can't say it.

Controlled Activity 2 (6-8 minutes) • allow kids to use the accident vocab in fixed past-tense dialogues

Same as the first time, so by now the kids should be getting the hang of this. demo, then let them loose. Encourage them to be creative and use more than just the words on the slide (new body parts, etc.). That way it becomes a semi-controlled activity - you can't exactly predict what they will say.

Uncontrolled Activity (10-14 minutes) • allow kids freedom in using the language

Put up the last slide. If you want you can give them some relevant words like "pyramid" and "lion" - written on the board. Pass out the story sheets to groups. The rules: each kid must write no more than one or two words, then pass to the next kid. This way they have to share, and it makes their stories more inventive. Demo with a couple of kids so they see how it's done. Don't do any explaining of the slide. Just put up the slide and let the kids make of it what they will - this is free practice after all!

if time left... • filler

you can play wjhatever's left of that song

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