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Gist and vocab lesson


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about Annie in the context of Family
  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about Annie in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of Annie in the context of Family


Lead in (1-3 minutes) • To remind sts of yestderdays lesson and get them ready to think English.

Before the lesson starts; Draw an empty family tree with 4 slots. No slots filled in. Great the sts. Show pg. 24 ex. 1 and remind them about Annie. "Do you remember her? What's her name?" "Yes, Her name is Annie. "Do you remember her job? "Yes, she's a doctor. "Where does she work?" Praise "Today we will learn about Annie's family".

Vocabulary and gist (8-10 minutes) • To teach target language and gist

Keep pg. 24 ex. 1 on the board. "How do they (Point to Annie and he family) know each other? "Are they friends?" (?) "Are they family?"? (?) "From work" (?) "Let's find out". "Now we will listen and read. Listen and read". "About Annie". ICQ: "What will we do" (Listen and read) "About who?" (Annie) "Good". Listen to recording 4.1 and ask the sts to read along from the board. Only listen once. (While they listen, find HO1) Pair sts with their neighbour using hand gesture. Point to Annie and her family onthe bord. "How do they know each other? Talk to your partner". When they're done, ask what they found out. Praise

Listening for specific information (8-10 minutes) • To practise listening for specific information

Chest HO1 (blown up version of ex. 2) "You will listen (listen gesture) and you will write (writing gesture). Listen and write" (point to the blank areas). ICQ's: "You are going to.....?" (Listen and write) "Will you to it alone?" (Yes) Hand out HO1 Monitor Just before sts finish, write a ✓ (Above - Green) and an X (Underneeth - Red) on the left side of the board. Write (True = Check mark) to the right of the ✓ and (False = X) next to the X. Check if sts remember the meaning of True & False. Ask sts to give their HO's to the st next to them. Tell them to check each others answers by making a ✓ or an X while we listen to the the recording again. ICQ's: You are going to....? (Check) If it's true you'll write a....? (Check mark) If it's false you'll write an....? (X) Listen to recording 4.1 again. (While they listen, prepare ex. 3 so that it's ready to open) Ask sts to give back the HO's. Ask them if there were many mistakes? Go through all of them orally by asking; "Who know's nr. 1? Nr. 2? Nr. 3... and so on". (Make sure to have the right answers at hand) Praise.

Reading for specific info (8-10 minutes) • To practise reading for specific information

Clear the board Project the table from ex. 3 onto the board. Ask the sts; "Do you know these words? "Is Annie any of these words?" "What about Vince?" Go through all of the words by applying them to Annie's family. Also apply to sts owm families. "Do you (random st) have a (son, wife brother ect.)? Praise Devide sts in groups og 4 by giving them numbers from 1-4 (1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 ect.) "Remember your number". After the groups are settled, project a HO2 onto the board. Ask the groups to fill Annie's family into the table. "Togehter (hand gesture) in your groups (Group gesture) i want you fill (writing gesture) this (point to the table on the board). ICQ's: "What will you do?" (Fill) "Who will you do it with?" (Our group) Destribute HO2 Monitor When they're done, hand out a board marker to each group (different colors) and ask them to put their answers on the table on the board. (Keep an eye out for mistakes) Don't correct their answer yet. Tell them we will get back to it. Praise

Listening for detail (8-10 minutes) • To practise listening for detailed comprehension.

Keep the sts seeted as they are. Project HO3 on the board. (DO NOT clear the board) Remind them about ex. 2. Listen and write. "You will do the same now". "You will listen (listen gesture) and you will write (writing gesture). Listen and write" (point to the blank areas). "You will do it alone". ICQ's: You are going to? (Listen and write) Will you to it alone? (Yes) "Good". Distribute HO4 Start recording 4.4 Monitor When sts are almost done get ready to project HO2 on the board Remind the sts of their groups. Ask the groups to check their answers on HO2 by using the information on HO4. Monitor Offer them board markers, and point to the board. "Is there anything you want to change?". When they're done, ask them to return to their own seats. Praise

Pre-speaking task (5-7 minutes) • To familiarize sts with the form of the speaking exercise.

Erase everything on the board EXEPT the family tree. Project the white image on the board. Show sts the empty family tree. Write 'Annie' in the top left corner. Point to the other slots. "What should we write here?". Elicit answers from sts. T fills it out. Point to it and tell them it's a 'Family Tree'. Use gestures. Praise "Do you have a family?". "How about (point to sts) your family tree (point to the family tree on the board).? Chest HO4 and ask them to write THEIR family's names on it. Write your (point to sts) family's names in the spaces (point to the empty slots) "You will do it alone". ICQ's: "What will you write?" (My family's names) "Will you do it in groups?" (No) "Will you do it alone?" (Yes) Monitor While sts write, T writes the following on the left side of the board: 'He has a sister' 'She has a brother' 'She has a mother' 'He has a father' Praise

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