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unreal past- third conditional
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to read a text and then they are going to elicit the language then they are going to work on reading a little bit. after that they are going to do writing exercises based on the language.


Abc controlled practice

Main Aims

  • To improve students' grammar knowledge, by reading and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop students' reading and writing skills, they are going to read for gist to get into topic and then they are going to write using the language they've learned.


Reading Lead-in and Language analysis (8-10 minutes) • to warm up

-give them pieces of paper ( including the paragraphs of reading text) -ask them to put the paragraphs in order ( they need to do gisting) - then ask them to read the text and write the problems in the story

Language (10 minutes) • to show the form and an pronunciation

- ask them what would happen if she hadnt done those things. - write a sentence on the board which students has written, and analyze it - give the form and the pronunciation.

Controlled practice (15-20 minutes) • to practice the language

-chest the material and give instructions -give them 5-10 min (depends on the timing) -let them check with their peers

Writing stage (10-15 minutes) • to develop sts'writing skills and make them use the target language

-let the discuss these questions 'what have been the importantturning points in your life?''how might your life have changed if these turning points had been different?' - give them 5 min. to talk - let them write what happened before/after the event, and how things might have been different

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