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Shopping areas/malls, Speaking
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will first elicit facilities of shopping malls and think about the advantages & disadvantages of shopping malls/areas. Then, the teacher will clarify some vocabulary and introduce useful language needed for the next task. During the rest of the lesson students will prepare a presentation in groups and present it for the whole class. This happens through jigsaw speaking/writing activity.


Abc Proposal of 3 different associations HO
Abc Final proposal worksheet
Abc Pictures of Istanbul's shopping malls

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a jigsaw speaking task and oral presentation in the context of Shops & Shoppers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of vocabulary in the context of proposals for shopping areas
  • To provide writing practice in preparing a presentation in the context of Shopping area proposal(s).


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The Teacher will show pictures of Istanbul's shopping malls and elicit from the Ss what kind of facilities do they contain. Then the Ss will think about the advantages/disadvantages of shopping malls IN PAIRS. Time limit 1 minute. Brief FB.

Introducing the vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify vocabulary for coming productive tasks

T will draw on the w/b a city council, a café, a sports centre, a cinema and an arts centre. He will first elicit the word "(city) council" and then check the meaning through CCQs. Then T will elicit names of the facilities from the Ss with drawings. T will continue to state that these all are leisure facilites and check the meaning through additional questions and CCQs. Next word "accessible" will be elicited from the Ss with a drawing of a slope providing accessibility for a (drawn) shopping mall. Finally, teacher will draw and name 3 groups (associations) and concept check the meaning of the word "association". Some drilling and higlighting of the pronunciation. CCQs: accessible: Is it hard or easy to get to an accessible place? [EASY] Is a high mountain accessible? [NO] appeal + to: What is the opposite of appeal? [DISGUST] Can a reader appeal to book? [NO] Can a book appeal to reader? [YES] leisure: Am I working when I am on leisure? [NO] Can I watch a movie when I am on leisure? [YES] facility: – Is facility a place? [YES] – Are there lots of different things happening in a facility? [NO] – Is tennis hall a facility? [YES] association: – Is there one or many people on association? [MANY] – Do they work together? [YES] – Does association have work for one or many purposes? [ONE] – Give me an example of association. pensioner: – Is he retired from working life? [YES] – Does he get money? [YES] – From where? [GOVERNMENT/PENSION FUND]

Productive Task (Preparing 2 proposals) (20-22 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

The Ss are shared in 3 GROUPS and T will name them Parents'/Youth/Pensioners' Associations. The T tells the Ss that they are going to make a proposition for Istanbul city council considering a new shopping area. T will first give each student a folded Association proposition HO and ask them to only read the text on the HO. Time limit 1 minute to read and discuss in groups what are every groups main concerns. Quick feedback to check everyone has understood what are the concerns of their group. Teacher will ask every group to choose a SECRETARY to write down details and a CHAIRMAN/woman to decide what will be in their associations' proposal. When this is done the T will chest the A3 sized proposal and go through every section. ICQs if necessary. Time limit 8 minutes. ICQs: Who's gonna write? [SECRETARY] Who has the final decision on what to write? [CHAIRMAN] How much time you got? [8 MINUTES] After groups have their A3 sized proposal finished T will give the Ss 1-2 minute time to copy the main points from A3 sized proposal to the folded side of their individual HOs. REGROUPING the Ss to groups of 3-5 persons depending on the class size. Every group should have at least one representative from each association. These groups are "Istanbul city councils". Before they start to work, T will highlight Useful language from the Final Proposal worksheet and ask the Ss to use that in their proposal. T will ask the Ss to prepare a joint proposal after some discussion about different associations' proposals. Time limit 10 minutes.

Productive Task (Presentation), Feedback and Error correction (10-12 minutes) • To present the outcome of the previous task and to provide feedback on students' production and use of language

PLAN A (If there's enough time): The teacher will give groups one minute time to decide who presents what on their Final proposal. Then groups will come one by one to the front of the class to present their proposal and other Ss can ask questions and give FB. Brief FB in the end and delayed error correction if there's time (probably not). PLAN B (If time is running short): Proposals are hanged on the walls of the classroom and the Ss can walk around and read them. Teacher will take some FB on the task and the outcome.

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