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Writing and vocabulary , TP1- Unit 1,Global, P11, EX 1-4
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the context will remain the same as the previous two ones. Students will be introduced to more time phrases about future. They will write a paragraph explaining why they are optimistic about a particular topic they will choose it from the board.


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Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in writing opinion paragraphs in the context of "what are optimistic about?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To extend Ss awareness of future time phrases and give them the opportunity to practise them and future verb forms.


Warming-up (5-7 minutes) • to prepare students for using furture time phrases with future verb forms.

students will be given handouts of examples from the listening ex1, I will get Ss to decide on the meaning of time phrases.

Focus on meaning (10-12 minutes) • To start using these future time phrases and differentiate between phrases refer to "soon" and others to "distant future".

I will draw two columns on the board, one with "soon" and the second with " distant future". I will try two sentences with Ss as examples before S- WG. I will give Ss handouts to decide whether these sentences are column 1 or column 2.

feedback (3-5 minutes) • To make sure of Ss using these future time phrases.

I will give students handouts with some motivating questions to answer them using future time phrases.

Writing prepration (3-5 minutes) • to get the Ss ready to write paragraph about one of the topics in ex 3

I will paste three categories on the board with different topics to present choices for Ss. students will choose a topic by his own and tell his partner why he is optimistic about this topic.

Writing ex 4 (8-10 minutes) • writing a paragraph with the question "what are you optimistic about? and why?.

Ss will handouts with sentences to arrange to be one paragraph. Then, they will check that from the same handout. Ss will have handouts, with reminding note at the bottom of the page to use future time phrases, to start their own paragraph.

feedback (4-6 minutes) • sharing ideas and correcting mistakes,

Ss will swap their handouts to correct any possible errors. then, they will leave the paragraphs on their chairs and walk around reading each other"s texts and deciding who is most optimistic.

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