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TP2 Inci Stief -
A1- Beginners level


In this lesson Ss will learn how to make questions through guided discovery based on listening in the context of likes and dislikes. Later they will practice these questions orally and write some questions and ask their peers.


Main Aims

  • providing clarification and practice questions(I,you,we,they) in the context of likes and disikes

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide gist based on listening.


Lead in via listening (8-10 minutes) • to set the context, listen for gist then listen for details.

- Show a picture of Harvey from the previous lesson. Ask if they remember where is he from. - Show a picture of Harvey and a girl. tell them to discuss for one minutes who the girl is. - T asks them to answer these two Qs while listening 1. Who are they ? A- friends B- brother and sister. C- work in the same bank. 2.How many people are talking? -Listen and check who the girl is. Double check in pairs. - T elicits answers. - Pre-teach the lexis 'twins' using a visual. - Pre-teach adjectives. give HO to Ss to do in 2 minutes. - WC on board. Ask Ss with correct answer to go and write it on board. - T clarifies meaning via body language if needed. - Listening for details: - T chest the HO and ask Ss to listen and tick or cross and write the correct word from the list. - Ask ICQs ( do we do it alone or in pairs? are you going to just tick for Harvey? Do we leave here empty? 'point to the blanks' - Listen twice. - WC on the WB.

Clarification of TL (8-10 minutes) • to lead Ss through guided discovery to the TL

• Give HO ( the tape script of the listening) • Elicit what did the interviewer says? Wait for the word ask or questions. If they don’t come up with the answer, clear the tables and do plan B. • Plan B: give red and green cards and tell them not to show partners, in pairs red reads and green fills in the blanks. Pair check. • Show grammar spot and ask CCQs • Is the interviewer giving answers? • Who is he asking? • Write the marker sentence on board. • Do I/you/we/they like sports? yes, I/you/we/they do. No,I/you/we/they don't. • Drill the question intonation. Do you like sports?

Controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • to practice the TL in different context

- T gives Ss HO of the controlled practice. - T tells them to do it alone in 3-4 minutes. - Ask ICQs ( alone or in pairs - how many minutes) - Pair check. - Listen and check. - Whole class check on WB.

Clarification of controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • to ensure gist of TL in different situations

Having the answers of the board. - Write three more examples related to daily life. Do you like Cem yilmaz? yes, I do / No, I don't. Do Muhammed and Zeliha like English? Yes, they do. Do we like the weekend? Yes,we do. - Drill rising intonation in questions. - Practice in pairs.

Free practice (10-10 minutes) • to practice the TL in written form.

- T asks Ss to write 5 questions about likes and dislikes. give them at least 3 minutes. - T chooses two team leader. divide the class into two teams and let them ask each other questions. - regroup and ask again. - T monitors for oral immediate corrections.

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