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Straight forward - Student's book - U5A - p.47 - Intermediate level
Intermediate level


In this lesson students practice speaking fluency int he context of advertising.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice in a free speaking activity in the context of advertising

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice comparatives freely


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set the context and arouse interest in the topic

On a ppp, show sts a picture of a funny ad and elicit the word 'advertising' or 'advertisement'. Tell sts and show them pictures that you work for an advertising agency and you have designed some ads for famous companies - show them logos and get them to say the name of the company if they know - ask sts about the sentence 'I'm lovin' it.' and elicit or teach the word slogan. Show sts good and bad ads and give them 3-5 mts to work in pairs and discuss which one is better and why. In wcfb, try to ask some questions that promote the TL like: Which one is better? Which one has brighter colors? Which one is more convincing to buy or use?

Preparing to speak (8-10 minutes) • To provide learners with a model of the task

Tell sts that they are going to help you create an ad. Show sts three pictures of pizzas and have them choose the best one to use in the ad. To the left of the board, write a checklist for students to use to create the ad - take ideas from sts on each item and try to get them to use TL when choosing a slogan 1) picture 2) name 3) slogan 4) age group 5) TV or newspaper? 6) famous personality? Quickly present the ad to sts in a nice and funny way to give them a model to work on when presenting to their peers.

Speaking task (15-20 minutes) • To provide sts with free speaking practice

Put sts to work in groups of 3 or 4. Give each group three pictures to choose one and create an ad. Tell sts to make sure that they to use the check list on the board. Have sts change groups to present their ads to the other students. Monitor and take notes of any errors.

Post-speaking and feedback (4-6 minutes) • To have sts share some ideas with the whole class and to provide language feedback

Ask sts to say which ones they liked and why. Write some sentences from the notes you took and ask sts to correct them.

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