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TP2- Working Animals
B2 level


This lesson continues the context of animals from the previous lesson but the topic is changed to "working animals". Students will begin with a listening exercise, and then from the listening, students will learn "get" collocations.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of collocations with "get" in the context of animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and fluency listening practice using a record about working animals


Warmer/Lead in • To get students interested in the topic

- Show the picture of a man with a dog and have them talk about the picture. - Ask SS to discuss the questions about the picture in pairs.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary • To pre-teach some vocabulary that students might have problem with while listening

- Pass HOs for vocabulary exercise - Have students work in pairs and match the bold words with the meanings. - Write the answers on the board and let them check. - Ask questions to check meaning

Listening for gist and detail • To provide gist and detail listening task

Listening for gist: - Have students listen to the first part of the interview. - Have students to guess what the listening is going to be about. Listening for detail: - Pass folded HOs with the questions. - Have students listen to the rest of the interview and answer the questions. - Students check their answers with a partner. - Students turn the HO over for the answers. - Hand out script for students to read later.

Post-Listening Task • To provide speaking practice about the topic

- Write the question "Would you like to be a dog trainer? Why/ Why not?" on the board. - Have students discuss the question in groups.

Focus on Language • To introduce the new vocabulary through guided discovery

- Put students in four groups of three or four. - Assign a colour to each team. - Focus students on the HO and tell them the sentences are from the listening. - Ask them if they see the bold words in the sentences. - Give instructions about the activity. - Students will work in groups and match the slips of papers with meaning on with the bold words in the sentences. - Ask instruction checking questions. - Have groups complete the activity. - Write the answers on the board along with the phrases. - Ask CCQs to check meaning.

Optional • To introduce more uses of "get" and practice

- Teacher writes the word "get" in a circle in the middle of the board with arms extending to five boxes. 1) obtain, 2) move/ arrive, 3) become/start to be, 4) understand, 5) answer the telephone/door. - Next to the understand box write: I didn't get the joke and make sure SS understand "get" here means understand. - Write an example for answer the telephone/ door and elicit an example sentence. - Ask students to work in pairs and think of an example for the other three meanings. -Collect answers on the board.

Controlled Practice • To provide controlled practice task for vocabulary

- Give folded HOs to students. - Have them rewrite the sentences using the correct form of the expressions in the box. - Ask ICQs to check if they understand the instructions. - Have students check their answers in pairs. - Tell students to turn the page over to check their answers.

Freer Practice • To provide a freer practice for vocabulary

- Give HOs with the first line of a story. - Have them continue it with different uses of get. - Put them in groups and have them read their stories.

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