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Erhan Gulsen - words referring to the places to visit
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson, the SS will focus on the nouns that will be beneficial for them while they are travelling to some specific places. The lesson starts with a lead-in in which the teacher tells the SS that the course has organized a five-day holiday for them so that they can practice their English with one of their six teachers in one of the places in Turkey, which have been specified in a form that they will fill in and sign. After the SS have made their choices regarding the places they are going to visit through their forms, the teacher will collect the forms and analyse which place is the most preferred and ask the SS to discuss about why they have chosen that place and compare their answers with their pairs. After the lead-in session, the SS will play a game in two groups, in which the teacher will assess their general knowledge about the places in Turkey. The SS will check the answers of the group they are not in at the end of the game through the answer sheet. Following the game, the teacher will give the SS a matching exercise with the words that they may have difficulty and then the drilling for pronunciation of the words will begin. After the drilling exercise, a speaking game begins. In two groups, the SS try to describe the places that they have randomly chosen by using as many of the words that they have learned as they can. The group that has used the most words will be the winner. The students study the word lists before the game so that they can remember most of them.


Abc Holiday Application Form
Abc Answer key for cities with boxes
Abc Vocabulary Matching Exercise
Abc Answer Key for matching exercise
Abc Strips with the place names
Abc Stickers with the name of te places on them

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of the words referring to the places to visit in the context of travelling around Turkey

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of travelling around Turkey so as to practice the words referring to the places


Warmer/Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To engage the SS in the lesson more, the teacher tells the SS that they are going to go on holiday with their teachers and choose the places they would like to go by giving them a form. (Each teacher is assigned to a different place in the form). While the SS are completing the form and choosing their places, the teacher hangs the pictures of the places with a box below them. (This will be for the first task). After the SS have completed their forms, the teacher collects them (so that they can believe that he is serious) and chooses the place that has been preferred most. Then, he asks the SS to discuss with their partners about why they have chosen their particular places in 3 minutes. Teacher: (After greetings) I have got a wonderful piece of news for you today. Our course has organized a free 5-day holiday for all of you from the 10th to 15th of August. You are going to spend your holidays in one of the most famous places in Turkey with one of your teachers. But, you have to speak English only during the holiday. Before we start our lesson, I would like you to fill in this form and choose the area where you would like to go. (While the SS are filling the forms, the teacher hangs the picture boxes on the WB) (After two or three minutes) Teacher: Now, let me collect the forms and have a look at the places. Ok, (the name of the teacher), you are the winner. Now, please ask your pairs about their choices and discuss why you have chosen those places in 3 minutes. (For example, I have chosen Ephesus because it has got many historical places. )

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide words expected in coming tasks through a game of general knowledge

Task 1: After the forms are collected and the SS discuss, the teacher states that he needs to check the SS' general knowledge about the places they are going to spend their holidays in since they have to talk about those places in English. Therefore, he starts a group game in which each group sticks the stickers with a famous place written on each on the WB under the correct place in 5 minutes after selecting them from the packages. The purpose here is to expose the SS to the words they are going to use in the class. The words are provided with well-known places near them so that the SS can learn them easily. For instance, Kurşunlu Cascade and Maiden Tower is written on one of the stickers. In this way, the SS can learn, guess or revise the meaning of each word efficiently. They will be engaged in the task/game since they most probably know those famous places as they are situated in their own country. So, new elements/words blend with the cultural elements. This will ease the learning process. And also, some of the places may not be familiar to them at all. For instance, "Perge ancient ruins" is not a so much popular place. However, this will increase their curiosity while playing the game. And so, they will learn the word "ruins" in this way. The group which has the most correct answers is the winner. Teacher: Ok, because you need to speak English to talk about these places during the holiday, I must first check your general knowledge about each place. (After grouping the SS as A and B) Student As please stand up and form a line here facing the WB. And student Bs please stand up and form a line here. (Change the members if necessary) Ok, now we are going to play a game. Each sticker has a place to visit on it. In five minutes, you take the stickers from these packages and open and stick them under the correct place. . You must stick as many places as you can. (Demoing with an empty sticker) ICQs What are you going to do after sticking? How many minutes do you have? How many stickers are you going to choose? (After the game finishes) Teacher: Ok, now. Each group, please swap your places. Here are the answer keys and check the other groups' answer. Put a tick near the correct ones and a cross near the false ones. And correct them. (Give the answer sheets)

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

After the teacher has set the context and exposed the SS to the lesson, he provides them with a vocabulary task. The matching task includes 20 words. However, only 8 of them are unfamiliar to the SS. As the task is a bit long, the SS will perform it in pairs. Here, the SS get the opportunity to clarify the language by themselves and check the meanings of the words if there are any that they haven't understood. This is useful for the upcoming speaking task. After the SS have finished matching, the teacher gives them the answer key for feedback and then the drilling for the new words start. It includes 8 words. Teacher: (Change the pairs) Before you go on your holiday, I would like you to learn some words as well. In five minutes, in your pairs, please match the words on the left with their definitions on the right. You can use your answer sheets. (After five minutes) Teacher: Here are the answer keys. Please check your answers...........Now, I would like you to practice your pronunciation of some of these words as well. (Drilling starts)

Productive Task(s) (8-10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

For the productive skill of speaking, the teacher sets a game of memory for the SS. They first study the answer key of the words from the vocabulary section in one minute so that they can remember as many for the speaking task. Then, the teacher collects the answer keys and gives blank sheets of paper to each pair. Next, in three minutes, each pair chooses one strip and try to prepare their speaking by noting down the words on the sheets only. This is effective for the SS as they can remember the words easily and use them in their speeches. While the students are speaking, the teacher notes down the words. Teacher: (Changing the pairs) And now, in pairs, we are going to perform a speaking game. In these strips, there is one of the places we have talked about today. Each pair is going to choose one and talk about the place by using as many of these words (showing the answer sheets) as possible. The pair who has used the most words can bring two more persons with them to the holiday. First, you study this list in one minute and then you will give them to me. Then, in three minutes you prepare your speech in a blank sheet of paper. But, you are going to write only words on the sheets. ICQs What are we going to do after studying this list? How many minutes do you have to prepare the speech? What are you going to write on the blank sheets? While they are studying the list..... (GIVE THE BLANK SHEETS) (After one minute) (COLLECT THE ANSWER KEYS AND LET THEM CHOOSE A STRIP) Teacher: Ok, are you ready? Now, let’s begin (Writing the words down)

Feedback and Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

(if the time permits) I will try to note down the mistakes of the SS while listening to them during the speaking activity and then write the wrong words or sentences on the WB and elicit the correct ones.

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