Mustafa Mustafa

Present Perfect Lesson
Pre intermediate Grade 8 level


In this lesson students practice the present perfect tense and they will play a board game about the topic. Lastly, they will do a worksheet about the present perfect tense.


Abc Board Game

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of present perfect tense in the context of animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice animals


Warm up Activity (6-8 minutes) • to warm up student

Students stand up and go round the class asking questions to find one thing they have done and no one else in the class has. They say "I have eaten şırdan. Have you eaten şırdan?" or "I have played curling. Have you played curling?"

The Board Game (10-12 minutes) • to provide present perfect tense practice to the students in a funny environment.

Two team of 5 people play. Each team has a one right to roll the dice at the every turn. Players in each team roll the dice one by one at the every turn. According to the dice's number players take steps. When they stop on the steps that include words, they try to set up sentences. If the sentence is true, they stay on the step and their turn is finished. If the sentence is false they turn back their last step. There are also bonuses like "pass 4 steps" or traps like "back 2 spaces". The team finishes the road first wins the game.

Worksheet (10-12 minutes) • to teach present perfect tense

Teacher hands out the worksheets and he answers the worksheet after the students finish it.

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