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Copy of Unit 1.1
Pre-Intermediate level


Speakout Pre-Intermediate First class


Main Aims

  • Get to know you
  • To provide clarification of question forms in the context of hobbies

Subsidiary Aims

  • Get to know you


Warm-up • Get to know you

Show "Level2 Lesson1" presentation. Get to know students a bit, ask questions, relax. Play "what's the question" for me (on slides) Students choose 4 answers, in groups of 4, play again.

Class Dojo • all students on class dojo

Give students their class dojo information and give some examples

Personal information • Start working on question forms

Show presentation "Speakout 1.1 Question Order Presentaion". Pick students to come up and organise the words "Speakout 1.1 Question Order Papers" to create a correct sentence.

Grammar on the board

Create 2 lines. Y/N and EXTRA INFO. create 4 columns. Q and AUX and SUB and VERB. Students give some questions, write the words in the appropriate boxes. Look at the responses, "Yes, I like chocolate", etc. Write up 5 Ws and 1 H on the board. Students say what question words they are and create one question for each.

Book Practice • Grammar

6A. - Page 128 Language bank. - 7A. - 7B.

Book Practice • Vocabulary

1A. - 1B.

How many can you think of... • Practice hobby vocabulary

Write on the board: Sports - Party - Relax. Students think of as many activities that can fit in these categories. ----- EXTRA: Students are in groups and mime an activity. Other students guess the activity.

Book Practice • Speaking

8A. - 8B.

Problem Solving • Make sure all students are connected to everything

Blackboard, E-text, MEL, Gmail, Class Dojo

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