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Present Simple & Wh- Questions (grammar)
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn and practice the target language of basic usage of the Present Simple form and Wh-questions by reading a text, filling the gaps, and making questions activities (WH- questions) by asking those questions to their partners, with the purpose of fluency.


Main Aims

  • To practice and revise The Present Simple (affirmative) and Wh- questions (with I, you, we, they)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with a complete lesson on Present Simple (affirmative) and for them to be able to formulate Wh- questions.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-0 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To start the lesson, students will look 4 pictures and they will have to guess what is that person's job, by having their first interaction with Present Simple (To Be) they will answer by using the prompt "She is an____" (actress) and having a look to the next question "Do you know her?" putting the words "Do you" in red ink so students can identify the grammar structure for next tasks.

Text work (gist + intensive task) (8-10 minutes) • The purpose is to ask students to identify the TL.

After the Lead in and before reading the text, students will guess the times that TV actors get up, have breakfast, start work, have lunch, they will also fill the gaps of the prompt, for example "They____(have) breakfast at____(8:00)", In the next slide we have the text, students will read the text, and after reading it, we will go to the slide before and we will compare if the times were close or not. For the second task students will fill the gaps by using the correct WH- questions, they will have to choose between "When and What" in order to complete the question, they will first answer the task and then they will go into breakout rooms to check their answers with their partners, and after that we will have an open class feed back, to check the answers together.

Language clarification (12-0 minutes) • The purpose is to clarify the TL.

After answering the text work, the next slide will be about language clarification, we will cover the meaning, the form, and pronunciation of Present Simple and Present Simple with WH-questions, including descriptive charts and examples for the benefit of the students, so they can answer the controlled practice and the Freer Practice.

Controlled Practice (8-0 minutes) • The purpose is accuracy

After having contact with the grammatical structures of the Language Clarification, students will put in practice what they learnt from the Language Clarification by filling the gaps with the correct answer in Present Simple and with WH questions for example "Where do _____ _______ (you have) dinner?"or" ______ (what) time do you get home?" students will do this individually and then they will check in pairs in the breakout rooms, after that we will have an open class feed back, to check the answers together.

Freer Practice (8-0 minutes) • The purpose is fluency

After the controlled practice, students will practice what they learnt, by creating questions, I will give them 2 words and from those words they will have to create a question individually, I will give some minutes for the to create the questions and I will choose one student, that student will choose another student to ask the question they made and the other student will answer it for example "(where/live) where do you live?" "I live_____". To end, will give some feedback and DEC.

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