Mays Shareef Mays Shareef

Assessment TP 3
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will be mainly working on 2 skills (speaking & reading). First, they will be introduced to the context of the lesson, which is RIGHT or WRONG. Then the students will get to know the meanings of the word "right". Students will check most of their answers and ideas, after working in groups, through listening. The quiz in this lesson also provides an opportunity for speaking and reading at the same time.


Abc WB
Abc CD
Abc Cards on wall (Global U-I) SB P. 20 Reading & Listening Ex.1
Abc HO1 (global U-I) SB P.20 Vocab ex. 2&3
Abc HO2 (Global U-I) WB P.10 Vocab 2a
Abc HO1 (Global U-I) SB P. 20 Reading & Listening Ex 3.
Abc HO1 (Global U-I) SB P. 20 Reading & Listening Ex. 2
Abc HO3 (Global U-I) Teacher's Book. P. 19 ex 3.

Main Aims

  • Reading and Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary and Speaking


Warmer (2-3 minutes) • To get Ss interested in the topic.

- I write on WB: You (Mays) probably like...... you probably don't like........... You're from............. You have ................ - I ask Ss to come up with sentences using these structures. I answer RIGHT or WRONG.

Vocabulary (10-11 minutes) • To think of different meaning of the word "right"

- In pairs Ss think about different meanings of the word "right". - I take FB. - I give HO1. - I ask Ss to work in pairs to decide which sentences from ex.1 mean "correct". - Meantime I stick the card on WB which says "correct". I take FB - I ask students to match the other sentences in ex. 2 to the different meaning of "right". Meantime, I stick the three meanings (cards) on WB which say " a.on one side of the body, b. something you are allowed to do or have, c. exactly, immediately or completely". - I take FB - I give HO 2. - Ss match the expressions from the workbook (slips) to the correct meaning on the WB. - Take FB - In ex 3. Ss will hear two teachers talking to their classes. The teachers use the word "right". Ss decide what the meaning of right here is.

Reading and listening (9-11 minutes) • To practice reading and speaking.

- Quiz time ex. 1 ( Detailed Reading) - 6 questions on six different papers on wall so Ss can read the questions and discuss their answers in groups. - No FB yet.

Reading and Listening (10-12 minutes) • To have the Ss check their answers through gist listening.

- Ss listen and in pairs check their answers ( Gist Listening). - I take FB

Reading and Listening (10-12 minutes) • To check answers (Detailed Listening)

- I ask the Ss to read the questions in ex.3 and in pairs answer as many as they can. - Ss listen again (Detailed Listening). - I pause after each item. - Ss in pairs check their answers. - I will finally give Ss the answer key of ex. 3

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