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diet and healthy eating
low intermediate level


In this lesson, SS have fluency practice in a number of speaking activities, namely a game named 'spot the lies' and a discussion. They also get the chance to immerse in some authentic reading material and learn how to cope with authentic material.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about My body is now accustomed to eating smaller portions. in the context of diet and heathy eating

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in speaking activities in the context of diet and healthy eating


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Students see a number of pictures of food and they are asked to decide of they represent a healthy diet and healthy eating or not. Elicitation at this level is aimed at engage ss in the lesson and to activate their schemata associated with diet and healthy eating. I elicit ideas and also aim to introduce words and phrases, say, a small portion, in moderation, to eliminate something from diet. Students share their ideas in pairs before we have plenary feedback.

game (5-8 minutes) • To provide the class with the opportunity to practise fluency in the context of a game called 'spot the lies'.

Students read a mixed bag of sentences __ true and false__ and basically guess whether they are true about their teacher. They have to provide further explanations to support their answers. What's more, they are given a list of useful expressions to use while sharing ideas. Spot the lies 1. I eat large portions basically, but I’m lucky because I don’t gain weight. 2. I find it hard to eliminate sugary drinks and fast food. 4. I drink only at parties but in moderation. 5. I’m a vegetarian and avoid meat, fish and poultry.

discussion (8-10 minutes) • To prive the studnets with the opportunity to practise fluency in a milling activity

Students sit in two inner and outer circles facing opposite each other. They talk to a partner for a few minutes before they get the chance to sit with another. Of course, it pretty much depends on how many students will show up for the session. In case, they are going to be an uneven number, we will do a GW activity in which 2 students talk and one takes notes to give a report. The questions they ware going to discuss are as follows: 1. Do you have a healthy or unhealthy diet? Give examples. 2. What good and bad eating habits do you have? 3. Do you want to eliminate anythings like junk food or fast food from your diet? Why?

Warm-up to the reading (3-4 minutes) • Activating shcemata

Students are asked the following questions: 1. Do you know any famous cook in Turkey or abroad? What do you know about them? 2. Do you read about their lives? 3. Do they have any blogs? They discuss the Qs and then get to share them together.

Pre-reading (gist) (8-10 minutes) • To orientate the eader to the text

I ask 'what does a food blogger write about?' a. Only food and desserts b. personal life and life experiences c. silly stuff Next, they read a simplified version of a text for which there's an equivalent authentic one. They read the first version to check their assumptions and then they check their answers with others and then in the plenary.

Comparing both texts (5-7 minutes) • To faciliate understanding authentic reading material and make it more accesssible

Students compare both texts and match the bold phrases in the authentic text and the ones in the simplified version. Next, I ask Qs to make sure they have found the correct matches by asking them questions.

Detailed reading (4-7 minutes) • comprehension

Students are asked to read the original text and answer the following: Agree or disagree 1. Ree had a lot of motivation to lose weight. 2. She trained herself to eat in moderation. 3. She kept on using her food scale all the time. 4. She was satisfied and happy with the result of her diet. They read it individually and then share their ideas in pairs. Soon afterwards, I supply the answers on the WH.

Post reading (3-6 minutes) • Responding to the text

Students answer the questions below. 1. What do you think Ree achieved by going on a crash diet? 2. Do you think you need to change your lifestyle or kick any bad habits? 3. Mention 2 advantages of losing weight and explain why they are beneficial.

reflection on the tecniques (1-2 minutes) • Devleoping awareness of ss in coping with certain shirt texts.

Students are asked the questions below. 1. What techniques did we use before we read the text? 2. Did it help us understand the text better?

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