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Shakespeare's Tragic Families, Possessive adjectives
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn possessive adjectives through the reading section that they had covered earlier in the previous session. First, they will be taught the grammar in the reading context. Afterwards, they will be given an exercise to practice possessive adjectives followed by a game. Then they will be practicing the grammar by talking about their own family. In the end, as a free practice they will be speaking about their favorite tv series/movie characters.


Main Aims

  • To teach possessive 's through Reading text

Subsidiary Aims

  • to speak about their families and their favorite tv series characters


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to elicit the examples of possessive 's from the text

- First of all, show the photos of Shakespeare's Tragic Families on the screen. Then, ask the students if they know who they are. - The students will probably guess the names right as they had previously read about Shakespeare plays' characters. - Now ask them to scan the text and tell you who "Cordelia" is? They will say "King Lear's daughter", write it on the board under King Lear's photo. - Ask them who "Cordelia, Regarn, and Goneril" are? This time write "King Lear's daughters" - Continue asking questions until you have asked about all the photos on the board so you will have elicited the sentences you need to teach the grammar.

Grammar (8-10 minutes) • To elicit grammar meaning and form through discovery learning

- Draw students' attention to the sentences written on the board. - Ask them "What does 's mean" in each sentence. - they will probably say it means "for' or "of" - So you will write in front of one of the sentences: "The daughters of King Lear" - Tell them we use "s to show possession -Ask them if they see any difference in the sentences on the board in place of the 's. Ask them "where is the place of "s" in these sentences? - They might understand that apostrophe is put after "s" for plural nouns and before "s" for singular nouns. - Write the form of the grammar on the board -give repetition -Take some objects from the students and ask whose is this? -Give some Example of names with difficult pronunciations like "It is Alex's" /alexiz/ -Now turn to next slide (Exercise 1, page 31) of the book to practice. -Ask them to answer the questions in pairs. -Check the answers in class

Grammar controled practice number 1 (3-5 minutes) • To practice the grammar

- Display the photo including information about Caesar and Anthony for the students - Ask them if the texts are correct or not - They should understand that apostrophes are missing. - Ask them to complete the texts in pairs. - Ask one or two students to come to the board and correct them.

Grammar controled practice number 2 (5-8 minutes) • to practice the grammar more and in a fun way

- Hot potato is a ball wrapped up by pieces of paper including some sentences for the students to change. - model the game with one of the students. Throw the ball to him/her and ask them to unwrap it. They will see this sentence "The door of the class" they must change it to "the class's door" -Play the music and ask the students to throw the ball to each other and do not pause while the music is on. Once the music is paused, the person who is holding the ball must unwrap it and make a correct sentence with possessive apostrophe. - Continue the game until they have unwrapped the whole ball. They will see a treat inside the ball :)

Grammar semi controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • To make the students produce the language in a semi controlled practice

- Write name of some one in your family on the board - write "My mother's name is ........." - Ask the students to do the same for their family members and friends (father,brother/sister/children/grandparents/grandchildren) - After they have done that on their own, ask them to talk in pairs. - For feedback, ask two or three students to talk about their partners' family members.

Grammar Free Practice (10-12 minutes) • production of the whole language they have covered in the lesson (grammar/characters/family members)

- Show the photo of some famous tv series in Turkey - Ask the students if they know the characters and their relation to each other - Put them in groups of 4 - Give them 5 minutes to talk about their favorite tv/movie - First give them some time to take notes - When they are ready ask them to share their notes in their groups. - For the feed back, you can ask every group to talk about one of their favorite tv series/movies

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