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Beginner level


In this lesson the students will learn there is/there are affirmative form.


Abc Straightforward Beginner-p 60-61
Abc Teacher's book Unit 7a

Main Aims

  • Grammar-there is/there are

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking/Writing


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • review the places vocabulary

The teacher starts with a board game to review the places vocabulary.The teacher makes a group of A and B and shows pictures of places in the city and the students write them on the board.

Stage 2 (2-4 minutes) • Language presentation noticing target language in context

The students look back at the text from the previous lesson and underline any sentences with 'there'. The teacher notices the target language in context.

Stage 3 (10-10 minutes) • Focus on model sentence

The teacher elicits there is/are sentences on the WB and asks students to use is/are and contraction 's form.The teacher drills and focuses on the model sentence and model form.

Stage 4 (5-7 minutes) • check students knowledge using there is/are

The teacher ask sts to give some examples using the classroom objects. There is a clock...

Stage 5 (5-5 minutes) • Controlled practice

The teacher gives hand outs with there is/are checks students knowledge.

Stage 6 (5-7 minutes) • Production

The teacher gives hand out with pictures and asks sts to find differences. Students work in pairs

Stage 7 (5-7 minutes) • Feedback

The teacher corrects errors

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