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TP 2, Family and Grammar Have Got


In this leasson the assigned course book is ..., Lementary level and I'll teach as 3rd teacher of the lesson with "Family" and "Grammar" "Have Got"


Main Aims

  • To provide practice on grammar and listening for producing sentences

Subsidiary Aims

  • teach 's compare is, has got and possesive third person


Warmer (7 minutes) • to provoke the already-known knowledge/reading out TL

Ppt on the board ask students to complete the blanks (cousin, grandparents and...) Copy ex 5 handed to students to tick or cross the answers. Students will read out their answers which makes the automatically produce the TL ('s)

Instruction • Grammar Meaning before From

I'll pwpnt pic of Bob Marley and students will read and produce 's possesive (meaning) Ppnt 2 will present some form and structure of the grammar which is followed by some more controlled practice by ex 6 which teaches the structure. FB Wrkbook ex 4 .PW and the FB

Controlled Prac (4 minutes) • speaking

Chris and Janis's pic

Pre-Listening (4 minutes) • Picture description to convey the context of the listening

2B Ex9a. Write Kate's name on the bpard. And show the students the pictures. Discussing whose pictures are these? Their age, their jobs, how they're related to Kate. How old is he/she? What's his job? Is he her granny?

While LIstening (15 minutes) • Listen for gist

Ss listen 2 times: 1st time) Students will number the pictures in order 2) FB WC individuall in some write on WB 3) I'll give a new task. What's each person's name? Listen with pauses and name the people. 4)2) They'll read the questions in PW and then listen a second time. They'll answr first individually and then PW.

Post-Listening (10 minutes) • Students to talk on own family pic

Presnt the PPT "She's my cousin" and ask students to produce the same. Ask students if on the cell phones, they've got family pics. In case they dont have pics, They can write 3 family members on paper and try to tell as many as sentences as possible

If Time (10 minutes) • Use of TL

Handout "family discussion" to students and ask them to stand up and mingle and ask this from different students. While I'll monitor and later ask them to sit back and listen to volunteers FB.

Game (10 minutes) • End the vocab move to listening

Board rush game with some assigned sheets to structure and order the attacks, This papaer include "My father's son is my...?? ANswer Brother then I'll group Apple Orange Banana Kiwi to group and after the game the FB is on the sheets they collect

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