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AnfisaM, 16Oct, TP1 EnglishFileU1b
pre-intermidiate level


İn this lesson SS will study vocabulary to describe people ( appearance and personality, SS will also study the difference between two questions 'who does she look like?' and 'What is she like?'


Abc photos pf people
Abc discriptions to photos
Abc adjectives printed
Abc Ss's photos

Main Aims

  • To provide SS with new vocabulary using visuals and then encourage SS to actively use it in activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of adjectives about appearance and character in the context of family and friends
  • To provide practice of target language using speaking and interactive activities
  • To provide review of words they have learnt to talk about their family members or friends


warmer (3-5 minutes) • to give the context of the lesson

Show photo of my cousin Make Ss guess who is it from my family Describe her using target vocabulary point to her eyes, hair Elicit Ss to help me and to continue

Exposure (7-10 minutes) • to provide range of vocabulary

Show many pictures at the same time presenting different words Give students cards with vocabulary Ask them to come to the board to match their cards with pictures on the board Make corrections if necessary Drill pronunciation

Task (5-8 minutes) • to practise listening for general information

Ex 1 a- listening and choosing one picture from three given according to audio played Ex 2- listening for specific information ( 2 questions ) - what does she look like ? - what is she like? Then teachers explains the difference between two questions Provide answers to show that difference

Consolidation (10-15 minutes) • to provide practising and speaking using target vocabulary

Ss are divided into 2 groups First group are given photos of people Second group are given descriptions They should move around, talk to each other and find the person they are looking for according to their description by asking questions

Languages Practice (15-20 minutes) • to provide language practice in a group task

SS in groups show photos of their friends or family member and describe to the group Other group members ask questions While listening they also make notes Then Ss change groups and report about what they ve heard like Mehmet has a sister and she has long dark hair and she is talkative

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