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Grammar (future clauses) lesson in the context of life style
Pre-intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson students will learn future time clauses so mostly students will learn and practice new grammar, also to provide semi-controlled practice of speaking, the end of the lesson will be dedicated to speaking in the context of life style. To warm up and set the context I will ask students what they will do after the lesson. Then I will introduce new grammar, we will do some exercises. In the end of the lesson (using new grammar) students will play the game with a ball.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Future clauses in the context of life style.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation and dialog in the context of healthy life style.


Lead in or setting examples. (2-3 minutes) • To make students to participate and let them to create sentences that will be used later.

Our lesson is dedicated to grammar so at first I will say 3 sentences about my future plans using conjunctions as soon as, when and if. Then I will ask students if it is about future or past and then ask them to repeat my sentences, so I will write them on the board.

Grammar (8-10 minutes) • To present a new grammatical structure.

In this part, i`m planning to use first 3 exercises from the handout, but at this stage i`m not going to give them to students, not to draw their attention from the whiteboard. We will already have examples and sentences to work with on the board, so presentation will be the following: 2. I will elicit grammar structure asking following questions (ex.1) Students will find nouns and verbs. -How many parts are in that sentences? -Which action will happen the first? (so it is 1st part) -Which action will be the next? (2nd part) -Which tense is used in the first part? -Which tense is used in the second part? -So which tenses do we use? At this moment students will find out themselves the structure. And i should remember to mention about a golden rule - after these conjunctions we cannot use future tense.

Controlled practice (5-6 minutes) • To check understanding of the grammar.

Students will get handouts, and they will try to make exercise 4. Inst.: -Look at the exercise 4 (show). You see sentences. -Write verbs in correct tenses. (DEMO!!!) CCQ: -Do you need a pen? -Will you write or speak? They will have 3 min. After this they will check answers in pairs for 1 min and then answers will be on the wall and doors.

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • To provide controlled speaking practice.

In group of 3 they will discuss sentences from the exercise 4 turned into questions, printed and given to students, asking each other what they will do. They will have 3 min. Inst: -Look at these questions. -Now in group of three look at these questions and ask each other. Demo! - For example, first one, if there is nothing good on TV this evening, what will you do? -Now, ...ask... ( students ask each other second one). CCQ: -Will you write or talk? -Will you ask friends?

Free speaking (7-8 minutes) • To help students to relax and have some speaking practice.

On the whiteboard in the center will be written "future" students will write their plans about future, then in groups of three they will discuss their plans. I will demonstrate and write the first one myself. If there is enough time, we will have feedback.

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