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Daily English
Beginner level


This week, the learner will learn and practice "greetings, goodbyes, needs, feelings and daily expressions". The learner will learn via mirroring and observing the teacher in the beginning and will be expected to improve and use the target language on his/her own by the end of the week. They will begin by greeting each other and try to plan their day using the target language. Friendly words will be used to build up the conversation such as "coffee, cinema, "brand names; eg: Zara", theatre, and so on. The learner will also be use gestures to describe a need (eating, going, drinking, and so on) and the teacher will provide the lexis accordingly. They will spend minimum 2 hours doing various activities in the city to practice the target language and the student will be asked to record a video log at the end of the month to talk about what they learned, liked, disliked, where they went and visited, and what they did as their final assessment (for beginner levels and for students who are not interested in writing).


Abc Reading
Abc Listening
Abc Grammar
Abc Post-Grammar

Main Aims

  • To work on Future Verb Forms; Future continuous

Subsidiary Aims

  • To work on vocabulary (plants and gardens) via a reading task about "The Eden project"


Warmer/Lead in (4-5 minutes) • For setting the context and building a bond with the TL.

Sts will be looking at some pictures of the "Eden project" and the teacher will elicit ideas from the sts about what they think the place is for. They will be working in groups and share ideas.

Reading (8-10 minutes) • To focus on the reading passage

The students will receive the text and read it and check their answers if they guesses correctly. Later they will work with a partner and start working on example "2-c" that is related to the reading passage.

Listening (9-10 minutes) • To work on receptive skills (listening)

Sts will do a listening exercise where they will hear two friends talking and tick the topics they talk about. They will then listen to it again and complete a gap-fill exercise related to the recording.

Grammar (9-10 minutes) • To use the future verb form; future continuous.

Sts will be working in pairs on a grammar task, a "matching" exercise related to the previous "gap-fill" task, 5-a. For the second part of the grammar they will remain with their partners and do a short matching exercise, exercises 5c and d. and will try to come up with the negative form of future continuous.

Post-Grammar (9-10 minutes) • To continue working with the Future Verb Forms

The sts will work on exercise 7-a and complete a "circle the correct word" task and check their answers in pairs. They will then write sentences about their plans for the next few days and in groups they will take turns to tell each other about their plans. -If there is time left they will work on ex:9-10

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