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Copy of "Hello. I'm John" starters first lesson
starters. (Possibly some false beginners?) level


pronouns - I / you, my / your and the verb "to be" class members ask each other "What is your name?" / "What's your name?" And they can answer in four ways: I'm John / I am John / my name is John / my name's John. if it goes easily some time for numbers.


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Main Aims

  • Students should have a pleasant experience as the first contact with the English language. And not too challenging.
  • To provide review of language used for saying hello and introductions in the context of first day of a new course

Subsidiary Aims

  • study skills - students get into the habit of note-taking in lessons. Supporting their memory with paper and drawing - I think it's nice if students aren't hung up about making their own visual aids. You don't need to be a great artist to make something that captures the meaning of simple vocab.


Hello Hi (1-3 minutes) • greeting, establish that we are now speaking English

teacher says hi etc. and may ask "How are you?" see what responses appear to this.

What's your name? (9-10 minutes) • ss ask for each other's names and give theirs

T writes JOHN on the board. Announces "my name's John". and also the alternative "I am John". T hands out papers and demonstrates drawing a face with name underneath. Demonstrate that I am and I'm are the same. name's = name is SS then produce little portraits of other people in the group. The task is to introduce yourself and ask "What's your name?" first T does this with one student partner. Then two students in front of the class Finally all ss stand up, introduce themselves and ask names to other ss.

pronouns (3-4 minutes) • to provide study material and systematise knowledge

T hands out a small table with pronouns on this will help with the Luis gap fill

Luis gapfill with listening (10-15 minutes) • controlled practice with pronouns and the verb to be.

T draws the two faces in profile Luis and Ali facing each each. Maybe speech bubbles? Give out the Luis gap fill , ss try without listening. Then play recording 1.4 to check this may need more than one listen, there may be quite different levels of performance.

Where are you from? (6-8 minutes) • ss add this question and find out some information from their classmates.

T demonstrates putting the word FROM on the sheet of paper with faces. announces "I am from England." Asks students "where are you from?" Then students go back to the people whose names they collected and add that information

famous faces (7-10 minutes) • to use he / she his/ her

T shows some pictures of famous faces from the internet. ss ask and answer the question..."what is his name?" Try "where is he / she from?" this is unpredictable because ss need Jamaica, Brazil, England, Turkey, America

(OPTIONAL) numbers (2-13 minutes) • test ss ability to use numbers from zero to 10.

T announces "my telephone" asks students to write down the number. See if they can....!

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