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Copy of work experience
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will write about someones work experience . The lesson starts with a game about jobs . This is followed by pre- teaching some related key vocabulary.Then , showing the students an example of a paragraph ( guided writing ) . After that students will write individually about someones work experience. Finally, the students will swap their writings and then ss will read each others' writings and choose the best one.


Abc Gap-fill handout

Main Aims

  • • To provide writing practice accuracy in the context of work experience.

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To provide speaking fluency in the context of work experience.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

• T greets the students. Say, “Hello, how are you friends?” • Write fifteen letters of the alphabet randomly on the board and asks students. • Ss are divided into two groups. • T asks the first group to think of a job name starting with one of the letters e.g. teacher. • Ss get a point for the correct answer. • Then, the next group’s turn to think a new job, no repeated job). • The game finished when all letters left.

Clarification (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language.

• Ask Ss what they think will be good and bad features of working. e.g Likes ( Getting pay, meeting people) Dislikes( low wages, long hours) • Ss give more examples. • Ss give their opinions. • T clarifies the meaning and the stress of some words. • T monitors and gives feedback.

Controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • To prepare students for more meaningful practice.

• Ss match the beginning of the six sentences in column A to the correct endings in column B. • Ss work individually and then check their answers in pairs. •T gives feedback.

Semi-controlled practice (4-6 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to show what they know or don't know about the target language.

• T gives instructions about the HO in which they write the words from the box in empty space to complete the phrases. • Ss work individually • Ss check their answers with their partner. • T monitors and gives feedback to the whole class • Ss read their full sentences. • T monitors and gives feedback.

Free practice (6-8 minutes) • • To draw students attention to the target language(speaking activity)

• T asks Ss to look at the six topics and talk about someone they know who • is out of work, doesn’t need to earn a living and so on. • Ss work in pairs. • T monitors and gives feedback.

Free practice (writing activity) (15-20 minutes) • • To provide students with free practice of the target language.

• T asks students to write a full paragraph about one of their relatives or friends who • Has an interesting career • Ha had lots of different jobs • Has a very responsible job. • Loves/hates her/his work. • Is out of work • Doesn’t need to earn a living. • T gives students different topics to choose and write. • T sets a time limit and when they finish ask students to come to the board and write their paragraphs. • T monitors and gives feedback.

Feedback and Error Correction (2-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

T monitors and gives his feedback.

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