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TP 8
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice listening. This listening is about choosing a sport personality for an isotonic fitness drink advertisement. The lesson starts with a discussion about sport and sports personalities then a pre listening stage to pre teach some vocabulary. After this Ss listen to the record and answer a gist question and a scanning one. Finally we have the post listening stage where Ss discuss their own opinion of they have listened to.


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Main Aims

  • To make Ss improve their receptive skill (listening) via a lot of pre, while and post listening activities in the context of fitness and sport

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make Ss able to discuss what they have heard from the listening part and express their own opinions


stage 1 (6-7 minutes) • lead in

First, I will ask Ss who likes sport?, who plays sport? or who used to play sport? Then I will write the word " sport" on board and ask Ss: what words can you think about when I say sport? I will write their suggestions on board and make sure to make them think about kinds of sports and health and fitness.

stage 2 (3-4 minutes) • A warmer exercise

I will give Ss a table that includes some sports personalities and pictures, they have to complete the table with the missing information using the pictures. They will do this exercise in pairs, then I will give them the answer key.

stage 3 (3-4 minutes) • pre teach some vocabulary for the listening

I will first introduce the idea of an isotonic drink and that it is a drink sports people use it to help them have the necessary minerals and fluid for their bodies. Then we want to have an advertisement for this drink, so we need an advertising executive to plan it for us. I will try to elicit those words and if Ss have no idea about them I will give them clues.

stage 4 (13-14 minutes) • while listening activities

Firstly, students listen to find out who did the marketing director choose? then they will listen for specific information and some details to complete sentences that miss some information. After that they will check their answers in pairs then a whole class feedback. in exercise 2 in the student's book "Inside out", Unite 4, page:23. (Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones and Philip Kerr) Macmillan publishers limited 2002.

stage 5 (15-16 minutes) • post listening activities

Students will discuss in pairs whether they agree with the marketing director or not and express their own opinion concerning who would they choose if they were the marketing director? Then in groups students will plan for their own advertisement and decide which sport personality they will choose for their advertisements and why?

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