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TP 2
Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will practice adjectives to describe qualities using appropriate stress.


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Main Aims

  • To practise adj. to describe qualities using appropriate stress

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen adjectives to learn the stressed syllables.
  • To listen to descriptions using the vocabulary presented.


Warm up (4-5 minutes) • To activate students schemata about adjectives

Theacher will give the Ss pictures of some people. The students will focus on the photos. I will ask them what they think the people are like. T will get some feedback from them. Ss then will decide which person is most/least like them

Listening (2-3 minutes)

Students will listen some people and try to decide which one is talking.

Listening and getting information (5-6 minutes)

Sts will listen to the same people again and try to get some information about the people in the photos.

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes)

T will focus students' attention on the table and point out there are three columns. One has words from the interviews, the next words in column 1, and finally words which have opposite meanings to the words in column 1. SS will look back through the interviews and find the words to go in column 1.

Games (8-10 minutes)

Students will mime and gesture some adjectives and other students will guess them. Teacher will write some celebrities' names on the board. Ss will write related adjectives that best describes them.

Speaking (5-6 minutes)

Ss will list most important qualities in their ideal partner. They'll rank them and write on the board.

Pronuciation (4-5 minutes)

T'll play the recording. Ss will listen and repeat the words. Ss will listen and underline the stressed syllables. T will ask Ss to repeat the words again. Ss will repeat chorally. T'll ask several Ss to repeat the words individually. Then Ss will decide which ones have more syllables.

An activity (3-4 minutes)

Ss will match some adjectives with their explanations.

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