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Copy of Indefinite Pronouns (Nobody, anybody, somebody, everybody)
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, Ss practice 4 indefinite pronouns "nobody, anybody, somebody, everybody" first by exposing them to TL -the language they will focus on in detail- straightly. Before focusing on the TL, the lesson will begin with the task called "Find someone in the class who..." It's more involving and an interactive task. Through the first task, the TL turns into a more personal activity and Ss will be more motivated. This freer task will be continued as the answers of questionnaire turn into the TL with the some useful phrases in TL. After some clarification on PPT, SS will work on a controlled matching task. Then the lesson will end with a speaking task about creating a class average man or woman survey.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice the meaning and the form of some indefinite pronouns (everybody, nobody, somebody, anybody) in the context of a class questionnaire
  • To provide fluency and accuracy of the TL within the context of functional language.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product of functional language about creating a survey on the class average man and woman.


Warm-up/Exposure • To establish basic knowledge of indefinite pronouns and to introduce/expose the context

-After "Good morning" to everyone, T asks the Ss to stand up and start doing the questionnaire by mingling as a whole class, then go "find someone in the class who..." They should ask to everyone in the class. --- T supports the instructions with ICQs: "Do we write the same into every box? No. ", "Do we ask to everybody? Yes." T makes a demo with a stronger student, asks some of the questions related to TL: "Does anybody have a snake as a pet?", "Was anybody born in Kyrgyzstan? Does anybody spend his/her free time painting?" ---Ss write their answers into the questionnaire. --T asks for the names they have found out, let the ask the questions and write their answers on the WB as the same page of the questionnaire is already open on WB. --T writes those questions as well in the way Ss says to make error correction. Then T expose the Ss with the form and meaning of the TL.

Grammar Builder/Awareness and Clarification of TL • To elicit the form/meaning and the pronounciations of the indefinite pronouns via some useful phrases on PPT

-T lets Ss make their own sentences related to the questionnaire by using these useful phrases: By this way Ss will analyse questionnaire in terms of the TL. Useful Phrases Everybody in my class... Nobody in my class… I don’t know anybody in my class who… There is somebody in my class who… Anybody in my class can… ECDW -Then T open the diagram page on PPT which elicits the meaning and the pronunciation of the TL, then highlights how we use singular verbs with them. By using some CCQs T checks their meaning and encourage Ss to show where the stress is on the words "everybody, nobody, somebody, anybody" .

Practice Time • To enable Ss to practice the form and meaning of the TL

- T gives the HO2: The fill in the blanks task in which Ss complete the sentences with somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody. -Ss works in pairs and when they finish each pair will come and write the answers on the same page in PPT. Then teacher let them check their answers by opening the next page on PPT where they can see the correct answers as well. T lets Ss to explain why they choose that pronoun not the other.

Team Work Time! (Speaking Task) • To conduct a survey to create a class average man and woman by using functional language

-T puts the Ss into 2 groups as men and women. -T gives the instructions and opens a page on PPT to let use during the activity. -Male Ss prepares some questions using the categories in the box and female Ss do the same for male students. Both group as their questions and note the answers of the other groups. Then all the female Ss combine their answers and as a team work they will create a survey for a class average men and male Ss will do the same for a class average women. -They will also have HO3 to see what kind of a survey they will create. -Then at the end from each group a stronger student read their survey to the WC.

Have some fun Time! • To read a short, confusing and a funny text about the TL.

-T hands out a text called "That's not my job" and lets Ss read it in the last few minutes of the lesson to have some fun.

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