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TP: 5a
C1 level


In this lesson, students will learn the second conditional and different substitutes for "if".They will have the opportunity in the production phase to combine the grammar with a speaking exercise.


Abc Second Conditional Exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice for the second conditional in the context of a questionnaire dealing with honesty

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss practice in speaking for accuracy in the context of the second conditional


Lead in (2-4 minutes) • To summarize the previous lesson and to in introduce target language

I will ask them to tell me what the highlighted sentences are in the text.

Meaning (5-7 minutes) • Eliceting the meaning of the 2nd conditional

I will ask students to look at 2nd conditional sentence and I will ask them some questions to see if they have an idea about it.

Form (3-6 minutes) • To elicit the structure of the 2nd conditional

Eliciting the form based on an example

Exercice 3a (7-10 minutes) • To ask students and to let them produce the forms and rules

After finishing the task Ss check the answers in pairs, then Wc feedback.

Production (4a) (5-7 minutes) • Ss check their grammar understanding

Usage of the correct verb form.Compare with ur partner.

Alternatives to if(3b) (5-7 minutes) • To explain the difference and meaning of if alternatives

First they should do it individually, then check in pairs.WC FB.

Exercise 5a (10-12 minutes) • Production phase of if alternatives

After finishing, check in pairs.WC FB.

Production phase 2(3a) (14 minutes) • Exercise the second conditional

I will divide the class in As and Bs.The Bs should do one exercise the As the other together.Group feedback after they finished the first exercise.After that As and Bs forming pairs and ask the questions to each other(standing+mingling).

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