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Preposition of place
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss are going to learn how to use some preposition of place.


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Main Aims

  • Prepositions of place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a debate in the context of describing a place
  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about My home in the context of my home


Lead in (5 minutes) • To get students interested in the topic

-Show the Ss a picture of a room. -Ask them what they see in the picture.Some Yes/No questions using the prepositions. -Try to get as much as you can from the Ss.

Grammar analysis (15 minutes) • To enable SS to understand the concept of prepositions in English language

Meaning: Put a picture on the board. Tell the students that the supermarket is ON Rosa Street. Tell Ss On is used before the name of streets when giving address. Then elicit more info about the map by asking questions. For example, Is the bank on Amelia Street? Point to the street when asking the question. Give more examples about the picture and use the target language at the same time as pointing to the places on the photo. For instance, The supermarket is NEXT TO the bookstore? Then elicit more info by asking Ss to give more examples using NEXT TO . For example, point to the Restaurant and Toy Store and try to elicit the sentence The restaurant is next to the toy store. Don't forget to give complement when Ss make the correct sentence. Go through the same procedure to explain the meaning of other prepositions and elicit more sentences from the Ss. Form: After putting examples on the board, highlight the fact that after NEXT we use TO while after OPPOSITE we don't use any other prepositions, which is a common mistake. Put the other prepositions on the board this way: - next to the bank - far from the bank - in front of the bank - opposite the bank -

Controlled practice (12 minutes) • To practice the target language

- Put the Ss in pairs. - Tell them to look at the picture and fill in the gabs with the words in the box.Give them ten minutes. - Give them the answer key and ask them to check their answers.Give them three minutes.

Free practice (8 minutes) • To develop students` speaking skill

- Put students in pairs. -Give each Student a flash card with a name of an object ( one of the objects in the classroom ). - Tell them not to show it to their partners. -Ask them to guess the name of the objects in their friend flash card by asking some Yes/No Questions using prepositions of place.For example:Is it On the desk? -Give them 5 minutes. -Monitor the Ss.Help them if they have any problems. -Ask two or three pairs do it as a feedback.

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