Maryam Maryam

Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn about articles through a reading about an old grandfather. They practice the subject through grammar spot and some exercises in the book


Abc Hand-outs

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Articles a/an in the context of Personal life

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about A secret to long life in the context of Some one who didn't retire until he was 78


Stage1( lead in) (5 minutes) • Prepare the students for the main aim which is teaching definite and indefinite articles

I start with showing the students picturer of grandfather. He's 98 and he didn't retire till he was 80. Try to brainstorm the students with the idea of the topic. I'm going to give the students some examples of definite and indefinite articles while I'm talking about my grandfather. Ask them if they know some one who has lived long.

Stage2 (10-15 minutes) • Reading

I present the picture of the old man in the book. Ask them if they have ever tried fish and chips. Ask them to read the text quickly answer the questions and check the answers with their partners.

Stage3 (5-10 minutes) • Grammar (indefinite/definite) articles

Read the first two sentences of the text and elicit examples e.g. (He was a shopkeeper). I ask the students to read the text and find all the examples of definite and indefinite articles. Check with your groups. students do the grammar spots 1,2 and 3. Check their answers in groups I'll provide them with answers on the PowerPoint.

Stage4 (10-15 minutes) • Practice the grammar

I prepare an exercise from back of the book page 139 Ss should do the exercise. I give the answers as the feedback. There are also some exercises in the book, I'll cut them give them to the students. Students should answer the questions and check it in groups.

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