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Future time clauses
B1 level


In this lesson, the students will learn about Future time clauses (as soon as, if, when). They'll read a conversation about losing weight following the clarification of TL (checking meaning, form and pronunciation). They'll drill the TL through controlled and semi-controlled practice.


Abc Kay, S., Gomm, H., Foster, S. and Hird, J. (2002). Inside out / pre-intermediate.
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Main Aims

  • clarification of Future time clauses (as soon as, if, when)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will speak about immediate, certain and possbile situations using TL


Lead in/ Building context (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic/ theme/ context of the text

T writes three situations namely possible, certain, immediate/quick on the board T asks Ss to identify three situations when T demonstrates them 1- T walks and opens umbrella quickly (immediate) 2- T acts as smoking then coughing (possible) 3- T acts as reading a book, then says I pass in exams (certain) T asks what they will do if they have one of these three situations (possible, certain, immediate)

Reading task (3-5 minutes) • To practise reading for gist/ to introduce the target language via a text

T chests the HO (a conversation between a receptionist and a woman) and asks the students to read it quickly and find the main idea of it. (the one who finishes reading first, say Banana) T asks "what is this text about?" (losing weight/ improving fitness) T asks Ss to read the underlined sentences and identify the three situations (possible/ certain/ immediate) being discussed in pairs

Highlighting target language (3-5 minutes) • To highlight the TL by use of eliciting/ a guiding task/ an underlining activity

T writes these sentences on the board a- As soon as he arrives, he’ll take a fitness test. b- If he has a cigarette here, he’ll be in big trouble. c- when he finishes the week he’ll feel like a new man. and asks Ss to discuss in pairs, identify the situation and which word in these sentences a, b, c represent ( possible, certain and immediate situations)

Clarifying target language (Future time clauses) (10-15 minutes) • Clarify meaning, highlighting form and controlled practice of pronunciation

T chests HO (including these three sentences written on board and with 10 short questions) T asks the students to look at the following sentences and answer the questions. [Guided discovery] Activity1 clarifying meaning (true/ false questions) Activity 2 about function/ use (giving options) Activity 3 about Form (complete the pattern with missing words) T asks Ss to work in pairs after completing the task to check their answers. T switches the partner and asks them to check each other's worksheet T drills the sentences by back chaining and finger technique for contractions

Language practice (10 minutes) • To provide controlled/ less controlled/ freer oral practice

T shows Ss cut out papers with different colours (sentence builders) T makes two to three groups (depending upon Ss strength) and give them cut out papers to make sentences and stick them on board. The group with all the correct sentences wins the game. Now T chests different color cards with words written on them (family, children, relationships..) and asks the Ss to sit in circle and use the 3 possible situations using these words.

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • To establish correct answers/ to deal with results of the task

T monitors Ss during semi-controlled practice. [Delayed error correction] T listens to Ss during their oral practice T writes sentences on the board and asks Ss to check the mistakes and correct them

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