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Teaching Practice 5
Elemantary level


In this lesson students will focus on Reading in the context of 'Films' where they will practice both vocabulary and pronunciation.


Abc a questionnaire worksheet
Abc Realia
Abc True or False Worksheet
Abc A reading Handout
Abc Pronunciation Worksheet
Abc Vocabulary Gap-Fill Handout
Abc Vocabulary Gap-Fill Worksheet

Main Aims

  • To read and understand a text about the films.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To talk about the films by using the correct vocabulary.
  • To drill and find out common spellings for /i/ and /i:/


Warm Up (8 minutes) • In this stage teacher tries to elicit words related to cinema.

T shows some DVDs and asks the students what they are. T writes FILMS on the board and asks STS to think a bit and come and write the things that come up to their minds about cinema. (It can be pop corn - tickets - DVD - Hollywood etc.) - like brainstorming. When they finish teacher goes over them and if necessary adds some. T gives the students a questionnaire. (But first the T elicits the Word recommend - by giving some examples like: I watched a movie called Silver Lining, which is a story based on success and I reccomend it). T gives the instuctions: 'Now I have got a questionnaire there are four questions, I want you to stand up and ask three people and write their answers on the sheets that I'm going to give. T writes the questionnaire on the board and gives an example. They have a quick discussion.

A Charade Game (7 minutes) • In this stage Sts will play a game will get familiar with the topic.

T divides the class in to two groups. T: 'Now we are going to play a game, you are familiar with it I think, I will give each group a film name and you'll try to guess. But you'll not speak but just do the actions.' T demonstrates one film for them. T: 'Now I will not speak but so some actions try to guess which movie I'm trying to explain.You have just 1 minute.' HUNGER GAMES Others are: Lord of the rings, the Godfather, Starwars, Fight Club, The Pianist, The Mask, The Pianist

Eliciting the word 'pitch' (5 minutes) • In this stage, since it's the topic of the reading students will get the idea of 'pitch'

T shows one of her DVD's: Romeo and Juliet ans asks Students whether they know it or not. T wants Sts to work in pairs and write three sentences about this movie and asks sts to write some of them on the board. Afterwards she asks Sts whether they wrote the whole story or just some ideas. Most probably students won't be familiar with the Word 'pitch' T says that, if you have an idea about a movie that you want to direct you need give a summary and this is called 'pitch'. So if I was going to write a pitch for Romeo and Juliet : A girl and a boy of two enemy families fall in love. They can't tell their families they get married so try to live their love and it ends up with a tragedy.

Reading Activity (7 minutes) • In this stage Sts will do a gist reading activity where they will focus on the 'pitch'

Since they are familiar with the Word pitch T introduces the reading text. T: Now you are going to read a text called 'Make a Pitch' There are four movies I want you to read them and than discuss which movie it's talking about. First one is example, it gives the pitch and than gives the name of the movie as you'll see it's the movie called; the Titanic. I want you to find other three movies.' 'Read first and discuss with your partners.' They might have difficulties in this stage to guess the movies if they can't find I'll write just the names of the movies and ask them to match.

Extensive Reading (5 minutes) • In this stage Sts this time will read the text carefully and fill in the True/False Worksheet

T hads out a WS, there are questions that Sts will answer. It's a true or false WS. T: Now I want you to look at the text again and look at the sentences on this WS and decide if they are true or false, but I want you to work in pairs. If needed T can read the answers (While monitoring the T can see that some Sts might have wrong answers.)

Pronunciation Activity (5 minutes) • In this stage T will focus on the pronunciation of some words which sound close to eachother.

Pronunciation 1: T: Now I'll give a small handout, you are going to listen and decide which one is said. T demonstrates first. 'For example 'ship' and asks one of the Sts to draw it on the board. T than says 'sheep' and asks one of the students to draw it on the board. T writes ship and sheep on the board and makes Sts drill it. And T hands out the WS and makes Sts listen and decide and than writes them on th board and drill it. Pronunciation 2: And T asks Sts to look at activity Nr 2 and decide whether they are : 'i' or 'i:'

Reviewing Vocabulary Related to the 'Films' (5 minutes) • In this stage Sts will talk about the types of the movies.

T stciks some pictures on the WB; boring, exciting, funny, sad, scary. T: 'now I want you to look at these pictures and think about them. What kind of feeling do you get?' After getting the words from the STS T wants Sts to think about the films. T: ' Which films are scary? Which films are boring? Which films are funny? I want you to discuss with your partners and write some of your ideas.' T hands out the WS and asks Sts to fill in the blanks. and check with their partners. T gives one more WS on types of films and asks SS to do gap fill.

Talking about Films - Extra Activity (10 minutes) • In this stage I'll ask Sts to write a pitch about their own favourite movies and share it with class.

T: 'Now I want you to think of your favourite movie and write three or four sentences about that, and we'll try to guess which movie you're talking about but please don't Show your paper to your friends because we'll try to guess.' T can here will give an example: It's science fiction. It's about a school but in this school they have lessons on magic. It's a story about a boy. He goes to this school and learns things about magic but also about his family. Harry Potter

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