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CBI Lesson Plan
Elementary school 6th level


A Lesson Plan for 6th students graders on the topic of islands


Abc Power Point Presentation
Abc Activity 1 Identify Islands
Abc Activity 2 Complete the worksheet on islands
Abc Activity 3 Group-Video Project
Abc Quiz

Main Aims

  • Speaking/ Explain the islands on the video
  • Reading/Writing: Read and understand the text to complete the worksheet activities
  • Thinking/Study skills: That students are interested in the importance of the islands of the world and in this way identify the characteristics

Subsidiary Aims

  • key Vocabulary: Oceanic Island, Coral Islands, Continental Island, The Barrier Islands
  • Warm-up:Introduce concepts and knowledge about the islands topic.
  • Extention:Students will be able to find new information in relation to what has already seen in class in order to complement and contribute new ideas.
  • Review/Evaluation: The students,after having undertood what was stated in the presentation of the topic,they should be able to answer the Quiz correctly,in the same way this knowledge will be applied in future situations
  • Practice/Aplication:It seeks to test the knowledge acquired by the students, that they use the information before seen and answer the activity.
  • Presentation:The theme of the "islands" is presented by the teacher, with this it is intended that the student is interested in investigating the issues and that the information displayed is acquired and used in activities and daily life.


Warm-up/Motivation (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher ask to the student, if they have visited islands and mention to the group their experiences and what they know about them

Presentation (10-12 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

Teacher introduce the topic "islands" explaining the type of islands like continental islands, oceanic islands, coral islands and the barrier islands with their main characterictics

Practice Application (12-15 minutes) • To apply new contents in real context

According to what was seen in the class,the students have to do the following activities Activity 1-Show the names of diferrent islands and select the largest islands Activity2- Complete the worksheet on islands. In this activity the student has to read the text that is presentend. "What is an islands" and analyze the images of the two islands that are shown and according to this you must answer the question

Review-Evaluation (10-12 minutes) • To assess students understanding

Once the presentation of the "islands" theme has been made and having carried out the two previous activities,related to the theme to reinforce, the students will answer the questionnaire to demonstrate their undertstanding of the theme

Extension (10-15 minutes) • To explore contents application into new content

Students must create a video corresponding to the activity 3 "Group-Video Project" in which the students will appply the contents learned during the class also they need to find new information and imagine being part of the "NatGeo" program. In the video they will describe important characteristics of the islands

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