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Beginner level


In this lesson students keep their speaking practice connected with the transportation and develop their speaking skills in accuracy and fluency. We keep drilling the main lexis alongside with the developing fluency. Later on during the lesson I am going to discuss the mistakes made and correct them altogether with the students to improve the accuracy of the speech.


Main Aims

  • To develop skills of speaking for accuracy and fluency

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice transport vocabulary


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To revise the transportation vocabulary from the previous parts of the lesson

To revise the transportation vocabulary (a car, a taxi, a plane, a train, a bike, a motorbike, a bus, an underground, a ferry) I stick the pictures onto the board. Divide a class into two groups to line out in front of the board facing it. We play the game - find a word. I name a word and they should find it pointing to the word. I add up a point every time to a team who made that faster. Then we sum up the points and reveal the winner. After we do a a fast review of the words, and drill the names of the transportation one by one and in chorus.

Exposure and Useful Language (10-20 minutes) • To introduce and drill the common questions connected with the transportation, to drill the intonation of the questions

I divide the class into 3-4 groups and handle a pack of mixed words with four questions -How do you get to work? How long does it take? Do you like the journey? How much does it cost? Students put the words into the correct order. When they finish I open Power Point with the question themselves, stress and intonation are underlined. We drill the sentences.

Productive Task and Error Correction (15-18 minutes) • To practice asking the questions with the correct intonation and give answers using the transport vocabulary. To reveal their mistakes in the speech while a class interaction activity to work on the errors later on.

To instruct the students to have a small talk to at least 3-4 other students in the group asking them these four questions and writing their answers into the empty lines. They are being handed a chart with 4 questions given. While they make these I follow the groups and observe them regarding all the possible errors they may have. Make notes. I put the errors I hear on the board not naming those who made them. We do corrections as a class.

Post Speaking Activity (3-4 minutes) • To revise the vocabulary again and have some fun with guessing the means of transportation according to the sounds they produce

To finish off the lesson I offer my students to listen to the sounds of transportaation in order to guess what kind of transport it is. For this purpose I use a video from utube using only a soundtrack to it to make the students guess.

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