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TP 8
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will have the opportunity to work on their skill of writing and will learn new and review vocabulary. Students will practice both formal and informal writing skills.


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Main Aims

  • To provide process and product writing practice of a review and and an email in the context of writing about beaches

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of vocabulary, particularly adjectives in the context of beaches


Intro/Warn-up (5-5 minutes) • Introduce the context and engage the students

Teacher will display a group of pictures on the OHP which will all be relevant to beaches. Students will be asked what they have in common and what is different between the scenes of the pictures. Students will be asked to identify which they would rather go to and why? Students will be asked to share the names of some of their favorite beaches in Turkey, these beaches will be written on the WB and will be used in a later part of the class.

Preview Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • Introduce adjectives used to describe a beach

Teacher will post words around the room that are related to describing beaches (sand, Beach, Water, weather, etc.) These words and the adjectives which will be posted to them will be useful for students when writing. As an example students will be given random cut-ups of words such as sugary, soft, crunchy (To describe sand) Students will circulate around the room and place the words given to them next to the words already posted to the wall. Students should post adjectives next to the noun which they think it best describes. After the posting of the adjectives students will circulate the room to see if classmates have completed the exercise correctly, errors will be corrected and the pronunciations of the words and correction will be given as needed.

Pre-writing (10-15 minutes) • Help students develop ideas to be used in their writing

Students will be shown pictures of a few travel magazine covers and students will be asked to identify what the magazines are used for in order to elicit the word advertisement. From there it will be asked what an advertisement is used for and ultimately we will get to the idea that an advertisement is persuasive writing. Different ways of persuasive writing will be addressed, moving to personal opinion quickly Students will be given a short personal opinion review to read. Students will use this review to identify what goes persuasive review about beaches. Teacher will elicit ideas from the student as to what parts of the review is most helpful, and these will be recorded on the board. Facts: Beach, weather, sand, water Opinion: Things to do, where to eat, how much fun it is, what you see

Writing (15-15 minutes) • To get students to practice formal writing

Students will be given 15 minutes to "respond to an email from the teacher", and write an opinionated review of their favorite beach in Turkey. Students will be reminded of the beaches which have already been recorded on the WB, and the helpful hints for writing a review. Helpful descriptive words will be posted around the room. Teacher will monitor and give immediate and direct feedback to the students.

Post-Writing (5-10 minutes) • To share writing work and allow for error correction of written work

Students will be set into pairs and each person will give a review of their favorite beach to their partner. They will switch partners and again share about their favorite beach. A WC check will be done by the teacher asking if anyone would like to go to someone else's favorite beach and quickly share the reasons.

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