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Food And Drinks
9th Grade level


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Main Aims

  • Respond pertinently and politely to offers.
  • Make an offer using the expression '' would you like ''

Subsidiary Aims

  • To use appropriately the expressions : " is there a/an….? Are there any……..?" with food items


Engage (5-10 minutes) • Grab Ss attention and get the involved

- The teacher presents some vocabulary related to food and drinks ( orange juice, cake, cookies, coffee, milk, tea ) - The teacher try to elicit at first and if sts don't know the words he simply gives them away. - Teachers use drilling to assure sts got the right pronunciation of the presented vocabulary.

Study (20-25 minutes) • Put emphasize on the target language and how it is constructed

- The teacher pre-teacher the following vocabulary items ( make/delicious ). - Students read the dialogues silently for the first time. - The teacher read the dialogue aloud to model pronunciation. - The teacher picks some pairs to read out the dialogues and then ask students to do exercise number 1 on page 35 first individually and then check in pairs. - The teacher writes a simple dialogue for the students to copy down on their notebooks. Dan: Would you like some coffee? Jim: Yes, please Dan: What about some cookies? Jim: No, thanks

Activate (15-20 minutes) • Ss will get the chance to put what they have learnt into practice

- Students in pairs make offers to each other by relying on the pictures on exercise number 2 on page 35. - Using the fruits presented on exercise number 3 and after reading the dialogue, students ask and answer each other using Is there a/an .......? Are there any..........?

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