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Personal Information
beginners level


In this lesson the students get to know to ask basic questions about personal information and answer them. They listen to a listening activity about becoming a member of a gym and fill in a membership paper according to it.


Abc writing Information Handout
Abc visual handout

Main Aims

  • To introduce how to ask about basic personal information and providing detailed listening practice including basic question forms such as "What's your e-mail address?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a situation in which the Ss can practice speaking,use the vocabulary and the basic question forms which they learnt in the listening activity


Warmer (4-5 minutes) • To review the previous lesson and grab Ss attention

-A guessing game about job: Asking the students to guess what is the job of the person whose picture is in my hand -Giving some visual Ho's to Ss .They mime some jobs in pairs, ask and answer: Is he a manager?/ Is he a waiter?

Pronouncing e-mail addresses (4-5 minutes) • At the end of this stage Ss must be able to ask "What's your E-mial address?" and spell their e-mails and aplly it in the listening activity which they have in the future stage.

-Eliciting answers from the students by writing my own e-mail on the board. Asking "What's this?" "How do you pronounce it?" -in pairs Ss ask and answer about their personal e-mail addresses and write them down on a piece of paper. - They move in the class asking their classmates about their E-mail addresses. -The Students stick the papers with their e-mails on it on the board, each S has to come on the board, read and spell his/her e-mail

Lead in to listening (3-5 minutes) • Arise Ss interest in the topic by showing them a picture from the listening activity

Give visual HO's to each pair. the Ss talk about the picture and the people on it. Asking questions like: Where are they?/what is her nationality?/What is his name? Where is she from? - the Ss share some answers with the class

listening and filling in information accordingly (10-15 minutes) • listening comprehension check

-The Ss listen to the audio track and fill in the form individually - The Ss sit in pairs and listen again -checking answers in pairs - listening for the third time and checking the answers with WC

interview (5-10 minutes) • So that Ss will practice what they heard in the listening communicatively

-The Ss are given a writing information HO - they sit in differrent pairs -In pairs they interview each other and ask personal information and write it down on the HO

Wrap up (5-10 minutes) • role playing the situation of the listening

- Ss are randomly chosen to come to the board and role play the situation of the listening without looking to their Ho's which are filled in before

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