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9th grade level


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Main Aims

  • Ask about people and introduce them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Enhance their speaking skills


Warm up (1-2 minutes) • Break the ice

- Teacher greets students and ask them how do they feel.

Engage (8-12 minutes) • Get the students attention

- The teacher shows the students a picture of a family and try to elicit the word family out of them. - Teacher asks students to name the boy in the picture. - Teacher asks the students who are the other people with let's say Sam, trying to elicit the words ( sister/ father/mother/grandmother/grandfather)

Study (15-20 minutes) • Provide classification of the target language

- Teacher write on the board two dialogues for the students to write down on their copybooks and practice. *Dialogue (1) James : hello Jane : Hi James : who is this ? Jane : This my brother, his name is Brad, and you who is this ? James : This is my sister her name is Sophia. Brad : pleased to meet you Sophia Sophia : Pleased to meet you Brad. * Dialogue (2) Harry: Good morning Peter. Peter: Good morning Harry. Harry: What is this ? Peter: This a picture of my family. Harry: Is this your brother ? Peter: yes he is.

Activate (15-20 minutes) • Put what students have learnt into practice

- Students role play the dialogue

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