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TP-8 Reading and vocabulary
Beginner level


In this lesson student will learn vocabulary and do reading for gist and details. the context of the lesson is about a travel to India, students will learn big numbers for vocabulary, which are related to India and also read an email for gist and detail which is sent by a tourist to her family. As a productive activity students will pretend to be on a holiday and write an email to their family. This lesson is based on past form of verb, students will also practice regular verb during the reading and writing tasks.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about five days in India in the context of Travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Numbers in the context of Five days to india (travel)


Lead-in (8-8 minutes) • To introduce the context, and base for the vocabulary exercise

Teacher will show some pictures from India and elicit which country it is, after that teacher will try to elicit more details about India from the students. Teacher will write questions on board example: Do you know anything about India? How many people live in India? What is the capital city? What languages do they speak in India? How big is India? What else do you know about India? Would you like to go to India?

Vocabulary Activity 1 (8-8 minutes) • To teach vocabulary

After the lead in teacher will give a handout to the students and will ask them to fill the blanks, if they cant teacher will play the audio clip with the answers and students will listen and fill in the blanks. Teacher will write the answers on the white board and teach the the vocabulary and drill it. As a follow up activity students will write five number on a piece of papers and exchange their papers with their partners and they will read the numbers.

Reading Task 1 (7-7 minutes) • To practice the gist reading

Teaching will give the reading which is an email, sent from Patti to her family from India, in which she is describing the holiday. Students will read the paragraph and answer 2 multiple choice questions. 1) This is an email for... a) Patti's parents. b)Patti's friends. c)Patti's work. 2)This email is about... a) Patti's job b)Patti's holiday. c)Patti's family. Students will check the answers in pairs and then teacher will elicit the answer and write the answers on board.

Reading activity 2 (7-7 minutes) • To practice the detailed reading

With the same reading article teacher this time makes students practice the detailed reading task, teacher will ask students to read the article again and answer the following questions true or false. 1)Yesterday they were in New Delhi. 2)There were lots of tourists at the Taj Mahal. 3)They went shopping in New Delhi. 4)The National Museum was closed. 5) Patti doesn't eat meat. Teacher will give students 3 minutes to read again and answer and then students check their answers in pairs and teacher will write the answer key on the white board

Writing Task 1 (15-15 minutes) • To practice writing as the out put of the lesson

Teacher will ask students which is their favorite holiday place in turkey or which city would they like to go for a holiday in turkey. Then teacher will ask students to suppose that they on a holiday and write an email to their family. Before the students will start writing the email teacher will tell them that after they finish they paste their work on the white board and the whole class will read each others email and select which ones they like.

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