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Time expressions with past simple and present perfect.
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice time expressions with present perfect and past simple, Students will identify the difference between present perfect and past simple.


Abc HO1. Qs&As. roll the dice activity

Main Aims

  • Language focus grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Warm up/lead in (10-12 minutes) • To elicit the target language (time expressions)

Ss refer back the reading from previous task and teacher will write down question on board that why the writer wanted to travel around her own country? Teacher will write or ask 2 follow up questions to achieve target language. Ss will work in pairs to find time expressions in the correct columns. Teacher will draw two columns on board and will nominate 2 or 3 students to come up and write answers on wb.

Target language introduction (10-12 minutes) • To introduce target language through handouts and to enable self learning.

Ss will be doing semi controlled activity containing two different tasks about finished and unfinished time and write down the expression into appropriate box. Students will do activity individually and will do the peer check. Teacher will monitor the activity and will have FB with whole class.

Practice of target language (10-12 minutes) • To provide ss practice of target language and to build their self confidence through dice activity.

Ss will be divided into groups and will be given a dice to roll on a paper, Paper will be contained on various time expressions of target language. Ss will have to make sentence on their turn. Teacher will be monitoring and will be writing down learner's mistakes.

Pair work (7-9 minutes) • To practice the target language and to let the students relate it to their daily routine life.

Teacher will divide the class into two parts (A and B). Students will be given handouts according to A' and B. Ss will work individually and will solve the handouts. Teacher will provide answer keys and ss will work later in pairs. Ss will ask questions from their handouts to practice the target language. Teacher will monitor and write down Ss problems which will be addressed later.

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