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Teaching Practice 5
B2 level


In this lesson, the students will focus on vocabulary and reading. They will be exposed to a pre teaching of the words that are taken from the particular texts. After pre teaching, the students will be exposed to series of reading tasks which are explicitly designed to address their receptive skills. Through the end of the lesson, the students will be provided with a speaking exercise where they will be encouraged to practice the use of the relevant vocabulary


Abc hand out for reading exercise
Abc Hand out // True False
Abc Pictures for vocab exercise and meaning
Abc Reading Text

Main Aims

  • To practice reading skills in the context of "Getting Together"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce and present vocabulary in the context of "Getting Together"


Stage 1 (Lead In) (5-6 minutes) • to introduce the context of "Getting Together"

I will start the lesson with showing a picture. The picture depicts a group of friends. I will ask students the questions of "What is this?" "Who are these people?" "Are they sisters or brothers?" to elicit the word "friends". After eliciting, I will briefly talk about my friends, the things we like to do, the places we go etc. Then I will ask students to talk to their partners about their friends. I will provide them with suggested questions during the instructions. Then I will nominate 2 or 3 students to tell the whole class about their partner.

Stage 2 (Pre- teaching Vocabulary) (10-11 minutes) • to introduce and present the related vocabulary to the students

The words will be projected individually on board via a PowerPoint slide. Each word is associated with a picture. Each picture is explicitly choosen to provide the students with a context and a general idea. Before giving out any information, I will elicit meanings of the words from the students, using the pictures. After eliciting, I will explain the meaning and I will check to see if they understand the meaning correctly by asking them CCQ's. I will also do pronunciation drillings to avoid any pronunciation problems.

Stage 3 ( Reading Exercise 1) (4-5 minutes) • to provide students with an exercise on gist reading

I will divide the students into 4 groups. I will give each student from each group one particular text. I will have the titles of the texts sticked to the board. The students wil be asked to read their text and then come ─▒up to the board to choose the title that suits the best to their text. As each group will be reading a different text, I will not be able to give a WC FB. However, I will check them as groups to see if there are any problems. If yes, I will give whole class FB addressing to that particular group.

Stage 4 ( Reading Exercise 2) (7-8 minutes) • to provide the students with an exercise on reading to deduce meaning

After gist reading task, I will move onto an exercise which requires reading to deduce meaning. The students will be working alone this time. They will be given a hand out which involves words from the texts along with their definitions. The students will be asked to match the words with the definitons. When, finished, I will have them check their answers in pairs. After checking, I will provide the students with the answer key. As there will be 4 different texts again, I won't be able to do a WC FB. However, if I observe that the students are struggling with some certain words during monitoring, I will have those particular words on board and try to elicit their meanings.Then, I will explain the meaning of the problematic words in a whole class FB

Stage 5 (Reading Exercise 3) (6-7 minutes) • to provide the students with an alternative task on detailed reading

The hand outs for this ex. are divided into 4 groups. Each group of students will have their own related hand out. They will be working alone. They will be asked to choose if the statement written on the hand out, taken from their texts, is true or false. When finished, I will have the students check their answers in pairs. After pair check, each group will be provided with an answer key to check their answers. As the task and the class will be divided into 4 groups, I will not be able to do a WC FB

Stage 6 (Speaking Exercise) (5-7 minutes) • to provide the students a speaking exercise to practice the use of the vocabulary

I will have one student from each group and create new groups of 4 people who all worked on different reading texts. The students will be encouraged to talk about their text to the people in their groups. They will be expected to tell what the text is about, whether it's interesting or not etc. Then I will randomly nominate students from each group to have them tell the whole class about their partners text. They will be asked the questions of "What is their text is about?" "Did you find it interesting?". This exercise will evolve into a discussion where the students can practice the use of the vocabulary. I will ask students general questions related to the topic of each text. "What would you say to your date if you were at a speed date?" "Do you know anyone who had an arranged marriage?" etc.

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