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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary level


This lesson will focus on reading and writing about personal information.


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Main Aims

  • To give students practice in reading for gist and specific information in the context of personal information profiles.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students semi-controlled written practice of the present simple.


Stage 1: Lead-in • To familiarize the sts with the concept of sofasurfing and to teach them appropriate vocabulary)

1) T asks sts about travel habits. 2) T explains the concept of sofasurfing with simple language. 3) T writes the vocabulary on the board and asks the sts the meanings.

Stage 2: Reading for Gist • To get sts to read for gist.

1) T hands out the copy of the CB to students, 1 for 2 sts. 2) T explains the True/False activity, and distributes the HO1. 3) T does the example number 1 on the board so the students get the exercise. 4) T asks sts to pair up and finish the exercise. 5) After the exercise is finished, T checks them.

Stage 2: Reading for Meaning • To get sts to read for meaning

1) T explains the second exercise on the HO1. 2) T does the example number 1 on the board, so the sts get the exercise. 3) Sts work in pairs to finish the exercise. 4) After the exercise is done, T checks the answers.

Stage 4: Writing • To get sts to write a personal profile and practice simple present

1) T writes his own personal profile on the board as an example. This will help build rapport. 2) T asks the sts to fill in HO2 with their own personal profiles. 3) Sts fill in HO2 on their own. They are allowed ask for help. 4) After the exercise is done, T asks sts to each read one sentence from their personal profile.

Stage 5: Mingling Activity • To get sts to get to know each other better by reading each other's personal profiles.

1) T asks sts to stick HO2 on the wall 2) Everybody goes around reading about each other's personal profile. 3) After the activity, T asks some students what they learned about each other.

Stage 6: Error Correction & Recap • To make sure sts have their mistakes corrected and learned everything

1) T writes some of the problematic vocabulary on the board. 2) T asks sts some vocab questions about the activities.

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