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Talking about people you know
Beginner A1 level


In this lesson we start by introducing Donna`s family. Each family member lives / works in different parts of the world. This is shown with a world map and their pictures on it. This is done as a preparation for the listening practice. Present sipmple positive will be used during the exercise.


Abc Handout with pictures and exercises

Main Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for gist and specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammer : To introduce the present simple positive in the context of a personal description.


PROCEDURE (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

LEAD -IN: -There will be a map of Istanbul on the board. - I will mark where I live, on the Asian side and my sister lives on the European side. PREDICTION TASK / PRE-TEACH VOCABULARY: - Then I will pick one student and ask where he/she lives and also where their family members live and work. - I want the student to ask me the same. This is done to demonstrate the class what they should do at the next stage. - I will ask them to work in pairs and point out who are partners and want them to ask each other the same questions. - Give these instructions before the HO : * I form small groups and by putting together 2 pairs. * Then chest show the HO with the map and pictures, and ask them to discuss the possible connections between the gaps on the map and the pictures, after they get the HO. * Giving the HO and ask them to work in their groups. READING/LISTENING FOR GIST: - Preparing for the 1. listening and ask them to listen to it to understand what it is about. - Starting the 1. listening for Gist listening. READING/LISTENING FOR SPECIFIC INFO: - Giving instructions before the 2. listening : Asking them to listen carefully this time and follow on the HO to match the right picture and gap on the map. - Do the 2. listening READING/LISTENING FOR SPECIFIC DETAIL: - Instructions before the 3. listening : I want them to listen very carefully to catch the answers to the following questions : * Where does Donna live? * Who lives in Halifax? *Who works for Sony? * Does her brother live in Australia? * Does her sister live in Canada? - Doing the 3. listening - Check the Q/A with the class SPEAKING/WRITING TASK: - Move on to Exercise 3 : * Change the partners and make them work in pairs on Exc. 3 * While they work write the answer key on the board - Move to Exercise 4 : * Put them together in small groups * To show how to do it, asn an example demonstrate the first sentence of this exc. ask them to do the same in their groups. * While they work, go around and check by listening and reading the answers. Interfere if there is a mistake.

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