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This lesson will focus on writing book reviews for a website.


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Main Aims

  • To enable the students to develop their writing skills for appropriacy in the context of a book review website.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about book review in the context of a website .


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Greet the students and try to have a welcoming conversation until everyone arrives and settles. 1.Tell everyone to look at the handout on my hand (decisions) and stick the DECISIONS hand out on the board. Ask what they can see on the paper. Expected answers: Confused man Wrong way How do you make decisions? If silent then give an e.g, - I made a decision yesterday and I decided to book a holiday. And elicit decision by asking myself if I should go İzmir or Balıkesir for summer this year. I am going to call my brother and decide with him. Phone conversation - Hi ..... how are you, good good. Where shall we go this summer? İzmir? NOOOO it is going to be too crowded there, Balıkesir? Hmmm yes this sounds good because it will be less crowded. CCQ: What did I do? Make a decision. Mention that I have made a decision by calling my brother and I am going to Balıkesir for summer this year. Write on board: HOLIDAY BOOKS TV SHOWS Ask how they make decisions about the above. Ask them to discuss in pairs and put Ss in pairs or groups of 3 depending on the no of Ss for 1 minute. Then ask for feedback.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading/listening

Elicit - what do you do before you read a book? Or before you travel? What do you check? 2. Stick 'the book of the world' sheet on the board and ask what do you think this is? What type of a book is this? and ask to predict with pairs to allow STT. Asking some questions if they are struggling such as, what do you think is in this book, who will by this book? What information does the book have? ICQ's: Are we talking to our partners about the book? YES Are we reading the book? NO Monitor by visiting each pair and note down erros to correct at the end of lesson or on spot depending on the error. Ask for feedback Expected answers: Answers to Q's, book, atlas, guide book and maybe

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

3. Following the previous task, and task before text, ask Ss to read the 2 reviews on the page, and not to worry about detail and check their answers in pairs. ICQ's: Are we speaking? NO Are we reading? YES Hand the page out and ask to fold the page. Monitor while they are reading and see if they are having difficulties with any of the words in text. When Ss have finished reading ask for feedback from the whole class and let the Ss talk and ask if they agree or disagree.

Productive Tasks (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

3b. Ask the Ss what this is pointing at the stars. Ss will say Stars. CCQ's: What does 1 star mean? Not good What does 5 stars mean? Very good. Ask Ss in groups ( change members seats) to guess the number of stars for both of the reviews. Hand out Page 118 from the book and ask to check their answers. First ask who liked the book and didnt like the book? If they struggle: Ask why the first reviewer liked the book? It is written by travelers for travelers and very inspiring. Who were they written by? Travelers. Ask why the 2nd review was unhappy? The book included inaccurate information. What about the photo of Tashkent? What was wrong with it? Half of the page is covered by Uzbekistan instead of Kazakhstan. 4. Ask Ss to look at ex. 4 on the page and ask Ss to read the reviews again for the adjectives and write those down with their pairs. Ask for feedback by writing the below on the board and nominating a S to fill each adjective in: ECDW: Absolutely / amazing / stunning - - - means beautiful draw a cline showing: UGLY _________________BEAUTIFUL________________STUNNING CCQ: Ask if I am beautiful or stunning? and drill the word and words below. Especially / clever / helpful Completely / different / wrong Really easy to read / nice 5.1 Lets look at exercise 5 and do Q 1 together. Read the 2nd review and look for the word 'which' and underline the clause. Ask Ss to feedback with the correct clauses: 1. WHICH IS PROBABLY... 2. WHICH IS IN UZBEKISTAN 3. WHICH IS REFRESHING. Elicit refreshing. CCQ: What happens when you drink coffee? Do you feel refreshed after drinking coffee? Switch the pairs around and allow them to sit with new pairs, 5.1.a then instruct Ss to look at 5.1.a and categorize the clauses as A or B with partners and ask for feedback from groups: ANSWER: 2 = adds extra information 1 & 3 = Says what the writer feels an thinks 5.2 Ask Ss to look in the 1st review and find a which clause in partners - which means that you see... 5.3 On your own, look at where the comma is placed and discuss with your pair: The comma is placed before which. 6. a Ask Ss to write 4 sentences to recommend books, please use the language from ex 4 and 5. CCQ: Are you recommending books or films? An example = My recommendation will be a comic book 'penguen', it is an absolutely amazing book, the illustrations are easy to follow and funny, which means you can read while you are travelling. 6.b After they finish allow peer check and see if you will read the books your partner recommended. Talk to eachother. Call for feedback and ask to raise hands on who will and will not read their partners recommended book and why? 7.a 1 Say you have 5 mins to choose a book to review on a separate piece of paper . 2 make positive and negative comments and use language from ex 4 & 5 and from the reviews. Your friends are going to read these so please write clearly. Monitor and note errors to correct at the end of class. 7.b Collect the papers and shuffle these and hand them out make sure paper owners dont get their own work and ask Ss to read pair work, ask the class to raise hands if they will read the book that was recommended. If there is time - feedback shall be the case, or ask Ss to recommend a holiday destination to their partners.

Feedback and Error Correction (8-10 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Collect the writings of the Ss in the last exercise and comment feedback so they can have a look in the coming lesson. Immediate feedback will be approached when drilling and if it is the appropriate time to do so other than that monitoring to note the errors down to correct at the end seems the best approach in this lesson as peer correction will be effective too.

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