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Tp-5 Listening
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss will practice their receptive skills via listening in the context of transport. They will get a chance to speak among themselves to talk about recent developments of methods of transportation in Istanbul.


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Main Aims

  • Listening about various modes of transport and their problems introduced by a museum guide.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking about how the current transportation system in Istanbul is good or how it could be improved.


Lead In (1-3 minutes) • Getting students interested in the topic and slowly starting off.

Show the SS a slideshow of transportation types in istanbul. (Metrobus, metro and ferry) Ask them these two questions: 1. How do they go to school or work? 2. Do they like using the transportation system in Istanbul.

Stage 1 (Pre-listening) (2-4 minutes) • Pre-listening task to activate pre-existing knowledge about the topic.

Start off by telling the students that there are lots of different ways of transporting from one place to another throughout the world. Show them handout A and have them fold it in half, visually point to the pictures and then point to the titles and tell them to match them also once they are finished they will be checking each others paper. ICQ this direction to them. Get the SS to tell you what you said back to them. Allow the SS the allotted time to do the task then put the answers on the board. CCQ the students: 1. Do these types of transportation exist? 2. Are they a good idea? 3. Is there a expo center in Istanbul? Where?

Stage 2 (Listening for gist) (7-15 minutes) • Grasping the main idea of the listening task

Have them look at the pictures in the beginning of handout 1 ask them: 1. what those pictures have in common? Tell the SS that they will be listening to a recording about a museum guide that is in a transport museum. Check that Ss understand the type of museum by asking questions like: 1.What can you see in museums like this? Tell the students that they will be listening to answer the two questions in part two of handout 1, have them read the questions. Give them 40 seconds to do so then start the recording. After the listening is done. Tell them to quietly compare what they wrote with the person next to them. Start asking for their answers to write on the WB.

Stage 3 (Listening for specific info) (12-15 minutes) • Comprehending what you listened to.

Ask SS: 1. If they like these transport ideas 2. What is good or bad about these types of transports. Give them handout 2 have them fold it in half. Have them skim the questions that they are going to answer. Tell them that they will be working in groups of three or four (depending on the numbers) After they read the questions tell them that you will be playing the recording (9.2). Get them to peer check their answers, give them the answer key. You may need to play the recording twice. Have them look at handout 2 part 2. Have them read the question that they are going to answer. After they have all read the question play the recording (9.1). Since they are still in groups ask them for ONE problem with each transport item and write it on the board if their answer is correct.

Stage 4 (Post-Listening) (4-8 minutes) • Getting SS to discuss about the topic.

Tell the students that they are Kadir Topbas and that they have the money and the power to change anything related to transportation in Istanbul. Ask them what they would add or change in the public transportation system of Istanbul. After a couple of answers move a couple of the students from their current places and place them in pairsm have them look at part 3 of handout 2. Have them talk about those questions with a partner, monitor students and take notes of their mistakes. Give delayed feedback

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