Tariq Mehmood Sheikh Tariq Mehmood Sheikh

Grammar . Articles &Determiners
Intetmediate level


In this lesson ss learn knowledge about the use of Articles and Determiners. They learn how to use an article and determiner in grammar and with general and particular things. Specially household items.


Abc Pictures of household items

Main Aims

  • To provide Grammar Knowledge

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide reading & Speaking Skill through the Use of The Articles & Determiners


Stage 1 Warm up (6-8 minutes) • To check ss knowledge by CCQ

Paste some pictures of household & electric devices on WB. Ask the ss what things have they bought recently. Are these in common or particular ? What grammatical word is used to express a common thing and a particular thing is used ? Get the answers through elicitation.

Stage 2 TTT (6-7 minutes) • to generate students attention to the TL

Ask the ss to tell the names of their native areas and traditional things in their area. write their names on WB to mention their speciallity. Deliver them text to find the words which are used with common & particular things.

Stage 3 (5-7 minutes) • Improve the knowledge about use of determiners

Through CCQ ask the use of determiner e.g, any ,some,....., Put the ss in groups. Deliver handsout for solving the correction of articles and determiners. Also discuss the reasons and explain to other ss/

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