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Requests and Suggetions
Pre-Intermediate level


Abc ex. Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc ex. 5 Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc ex. 4 Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc ex.3 Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc Teacher-made worksheet
Abc ex. 2 Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc ex. 1 Functional Language SB P. 42
Abc ex. 2 Listening SB
Abc ex. 1 Listening SB

Main Aims

  • To use expressions for invitations and suggestions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening to conversations with suggestions and invitations


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • To arise students interest in the topic and prepare them for listening

T. asks and writes these questions on the board. What are you doing tonight? Would you like to go for coffee tonight? Shall we go to the beach? Why don't we celebrate the occasion of 15th July? How about going to the cinema?

Pre- teach (5-6 minutes) • To familiarize students with invitations and suggetions

T. asks Ss questions Today is our last day with this group. Would you like to take some photos together? What do you suggest? T. writes the words invitation, suggestion on the board Ss read the words Do you Have any suggestions? Ss discuss their suggetions together in groups.

Listen for gist (7-8 minutes) • TO encourage Ss to get an overview of the listening material

T. gives instruction to Ss to listen for general understanding Ss will listen to the conversations and 1.40 and answer questions T. writes the questions in this way on the board Who? What? T plays the recording and Ss listen to answer the 2 questions Who are these people? and what are they discussing?

Listening for details (9-9 minutes) • To listen for specific information

T. plays the recording again and this time make pauses at the suggestions and invitations Ss repeat the sentences and do the ex 2 Pr teach Ss this time Ss do ex 2 p. 42 ss check in pairs Ss Listen again for checking Ss sit in groups and assemble the cutout lines to put them back into a conversation each group receives one set and start . Job to be finished in 4 minutes Ss refer to the answer key for group checking

Invitations and suggestions (16-17 minutes) • To use grammatical structures for invitations and suggestions

Test: Ss read the instructions for ex. 2 Functional Language and do the ex. in pairs Ss check and compare their answers Ss use an answer key for checking Presentation: T. uses the examples in ex. 2 F. Grammar T. elicits answers from Ss : Form : Would like + to +infinitive Shall+ we + infinitive Why + don't + We + infinitive What about + infinitive +ing Let's + infinitive I'd rather +infinitive I'd love to+ infinitive

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