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Elementary/Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson,


Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To introduce and provide practice of writing a (short) email telling family members what these days (lockdown) are like.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity for students to give verbal feedback to each other regarding to improve speaking and listening skills.
  • To help students determine formal aspects of writing.


Warmer/Lead-in (2 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ask Ss: Did you have to stay at home because of Covid-19? (Ask Ss by name) Thank you. ''What did you do during this time to keep yourself busy during Covid 19 (lockdown)?'' DEMO ''For example: During the lockdown in England, I spent more time watching Youtube videos and reading books.'' T NOMINATES A STUDENT: ''What did you do during a Covid lockdown''? ''Thank you''!

Model Analysis - Part 1 of 2 - Gist (2 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading.

"Can you see my screen? This is a TEXT. What type of text does is this? (an email) "Great!" T COPIES and SHARES link and POSTS in the chatbox. ''Can everyone OPEN the link?'' ''Read for ONE MINUTE and answer the FIRST QUESTION.'' "Do you need to read quickly or slowly?" (quickly) "How long do you have to read?" (1 minute) ''Do this INDIVIDUALLY and SUBMIT the form when finished. '' AFTER 1 MINUTE T SHARES THE SCREEN AND GOES TO RESPONSES "Okay, has everybody SUBMITTED their answers" (Covid-19 restrictions) "Well done, thank you!"

Model Analysis - Part 2 of 2 - Layout Analysis (3 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading.

T CLICKS ON SECTION 2 OF THE FORM "Can you see my screen? Go to Section 2 of the FORM.'' ''Look at the email again and ANSWER the QUESTIONS below'' DEMO: T scrolls down the screen and ELICITS the answer to the first question from Ss. (greeting) ''Read for TWO minutes IN PAIRS and ANSWER the REST of the QUESTIONS'' "How long do we have ?" (2 minutes) "Are you working individually or in pairs?" (in pairs) ''Great, I will now send you to breakout rooms. Do NOT SUBMIT the form '' AFTER 2 MINUTES... "Welcome back! (T SHARES SCREEN and ELICITS REST of the ANSWERS from Ss). "Okay. Fantastic!" Rest of answers: 2. Subject 3. Informal ending 4. Introduction 5. Main body

Useful Language (5 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

T SHARES PPT ''Can you see my screen?'' T ASKS Ss questions regarding the phrases to clarify Meaning and Form/Formulaic aspects. 1. How are you doing? Meaning: Which would be an appropriate response: ‘I am doing my homework’ or ‘I am doing fine?’ (I am doing fine). Form: Which tense am I talking about here? (present) Formulaic aspects: Is this a fixed or semi-fixed expression? (fixed-expression) 2. It gets a bit boring at times. Meaning: Does this mean that it is always boring? (no) Form: Is Jason talking about the past, present or future? (present) Formulaic aspects: After this part of the setnence 'it gets a bit...' can anyone give a different example of how to end the sentence? (e.g. It gets a bit cold) And is this expression fixed or semi-fixed? (semi-fixed) Which part of the sentence would be the complement? (boring at times). 3. I have started learning French. Meaning: Did Jason start learning French before or during the lockdown? (during) So do you think he can speak excellent French by now? (no) Form: Can anyone tell me an alternative ending to use instead of French? (e.g. Italian) Anything else? (how to + verb) Formulaic aspects: Is this a fixed expression or semi-fixed? (semi-fixed) Which part of the example is the complement? (French) 4. Anyway, hopefully, we can meet again soon. Meaning: Does Jason (writer) know exactly when he will see his parents? (no) Form: Is Jason referring to the past, present or future? (future) Formulaic aspects: Look at this part of the sentence (hopefully we can...). Can anyone provide me with an alternative ending? 'Hopefully, we can.....' (e.g watch films again soon). So which part of the sentence is semi-fixed (hopefully we can...) what comes after VERB. 5. Lots of love Meaning: T elicits similar meanings: Best wishes, much love, miss you.. Form: Does the grammar matter for these types of expressions? (no) Formulaic aspects: Is this a fixed or semi-fixed expression? (semi-fixed because it requires a follow-up name) ''Well done!'' Appropriacy: ''All of these Phrases are INFORMAL apart from which one? (I started learning French) ''Which words of these phrases are informal?'' 1. How are you doing? (doing) 2. It does get a bit boring at times (a bit) 3. I started learning French. (neutral) 4. Anyway, hopefully, we can see each other soon. (Anyway) 5. Lots of love (lots of) ''Excellent!''

Productive Task (15-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive reading skills

T SHARES slide and reads instructions from it. ''Compose your email using the layout you learned today.'' ''You can email a close friend or family member.'' ''The theme should be about Covid-19.'' ''You will have 15-20 mins for this activity.'' T assigns each S with a number. ''Choose your nominated slide 1-10.'' DEMO: ''Look, I go to my slide - I write my name next to my name (e.g. Student 1: Alex) and I start composing my email.'' ''How long will you have for this activity?'' (15 to 20 minutes) ''Are you working individually for this part or in pairs (individually) T checks each Ss work and writes suggestions on their slides e.g. ''Do you have a subject?''

Feedback and Error Correction (8 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

'' Okay, student 1, you will work with student 2 to check each others' emails'' ''Students 3 and 4, can you also work together and students 5 and 6 (and so on) can you work together.'' TT adds extra instructions to slide: ''Check your partner's work and give them FB on the following points: 1. Did your partner include the correct sections for the email? 2. Was the email formal or informal? 3. Did the person include an informal expression for greetings and to say goodbye? DEMO: T shows how to add comments to Google Slide by selecting [insert + text box} ''You have 3 minutes maximum.'' ''Student 5 who are you working with? (Student 6) ''How much time do you have?'' (3 mins) T LISTENS to possible ERRORS and NOTES them on the last SLIDE. T GIVES TIME REMINDER AFTER 90 SECONDS. AFTER 3 MINUTES... ''Okay, you will now discuss each others' comments together in BOR for 2 minutes.'' DEC Stage: T SHARES screen of last slide and elicits corrections from selected examples. ''Thank you all. Well done today!''

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