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TP5 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen
Pre-Intermediate level


Lesson starts by talking about holiday types and personal experence/preference with holidays. The the Ss read an online advertisement from a travelagency and do related tasks. Lastly the Ss have a discussion about their prefered holiday types/activities.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan, detailed and deduction reading practice using a text about Holiday types in the context of Travel agency website (advertisement)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversation and debate in the context of Holiday types


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To set the topic for the lesson

•Show pictures of holiday types. (see appendix 1) •Teacher discusses what type of holiday he prefers using pictures. (See appendix 2) •Teacher instructs learners to talk in pairs for 2 mins about their holiday preferences using the pictures from appendix 1-2 as references. ICQ's - Will you talk about holidays? (Yes) - Holidays you don't like? (No) - How long do you have? (2 minutes) •Teacher asks some pairs for FB •Praise

Prediction Task (2-3 minutes) • To help set the context of the lesson

•T tells learners that they will read a text about holidays. •Ask Ss to write down 5 words they think will be in the text. They have 1 min. ICQ's - How many words? (5) - How long do you have? (1 minute) •Tell Ss to check to see if the words are there. •T destributes HO1. •T instructs Ss to check in pairs to see how many words they found. •T asks a few pairs if the guessed any of them. •Who got the most? Praise

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To gain a better understanding of lesson vocabulary

- Show pictures describing the vocab (see appendix 3) and ask students, in pairs, if they can guess which words goes with each picture. - Ask a few pairs for FB - Show answer key (see appendix 4) and have the - - pairs check their answers. - Ask how many they guessed - Praise

Skimming for gist: (2-3 minutes) • For gist

Skim- guess the title from 3 options (see HO 2) What is the text about? You have 30 seconds ICQ - How long do you have? (30 seconds) Ss talk to their partner about what they believe the text is about. Ask a few pairs what they think it is Praise

Scanning for specific information: (3-5 minutes) • To find specific information

What are the different types of holiday in the text? - Holiday types on pg. 52 Ss do vocabulary inference. Give learners the definitions and send them back into the text to find the word. - Submarine: A boat that dives under water - Scuba: Diving with oxygen tanks on your back - The Himalayas: Mountain range in Asia (K2, Mount Everest) - Ghost: The soul of a dead person

Reading for detail: (5-7 minutes) • To gain detailed understanding of the text

Ask Ss to read the text carefully and to try to understand as much as possible. Ss will, in pairs, match the activities in (1-6) with one of the categories above (see HO1) They have 2 minutes CCQ’s - You’re going to match the activities with the? (Categories) - How long? (2 minutes)

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • To practice speaking and use of vocabulary

Divide the Ss into 2 groups Ss are asked to discuss what the main differences are between the different holiday types. CCQ’s - Are you going to write? (No) - Are you trying to find out how they are different? (yes) If they finish early: Can they find any similarities?

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